Get Free VP Points (in-game currency) in Valorant

In Valorant, there are three types of currencies and the Valorant Points (VP) are the premium currency that can be used to buy various items such as weapon skins. To have this currency, there is no secret!

The never-ending question that many players ask at the end of a game: “is it possible to have VP for free, without playing 1 minute?" The answer is no, no matter what. But it is worth remembering because some fake sites can make you believe that it is possible to have virtual money for free by filling in your information.

Therefore, if you hope to obtain a maximum of VP in Valorant, it is lost. The only way to get this currency is to buy it legally in the official game store.

How to Get Free VP in VALORANT?

Free VP Points, Game Currency, Valorant

No it's impossible. As in the other games of Riot Games like League of Legends with RP, it is impossible to have VP without paying a single penny, unless someone offers it to you! So don't be fooled by the various fraudulent sites on the Internet, these are scams.

To have a VP, you must go to the official VALORANT store