Places to Farm EXP and AP, Level Up Fast in FFVII Remake

In Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) Remake, leveling up increases your ability and stats and makes you stronger. Farming EXP is important and in FFVII Remake there are several places to do it.

Where to get EXP and AP in FFVII: the best places to farm in the middle and end of the game.

Best place to farm EXP and AP in the middle of the game

In Chapter 9, you have a grate chance to farm a few extra EXP when visiting Don Corneo and his Colosseum. After you finish the main mission in the story, you can return to this place to carry out a few side missions and fight against various enemies that will earn you more EXP and AP. Of course, before this, don't forget to complete the missions in Chapter 8, which will also help your progression.

Best place to farm EXP and AP towards the end of the game

In Chapter 15, before you heading to Shinra's headquarters you can return to Sector 6 and the Coliseum of Cornea again. There you’ll be able to face several opponents that will challenge you. You will level up very quickly.

Farm EXP, AP, Level Up Fast, Guide FFVII Remake

Also, at the end of the game or once you finish it, in chapter 16 there is a sequence full of dogs and guards. These will bring you considerable amounts of EXP and AP. The idea is that you repeat this over and over again, so you’ll get more in a short time. Give wax and polish wax.

So take advantage of these methods to farm experience in Final Fantasy VII Remake.