Avoid Fall Damage in Call of Duty Warzone

In Call of Duty Warzone, fall damage can become critical as it could end your play. Normally, to avoid fall damage, you could use the parachute as it will slow down the speed of the fall. This is fine, but it makes you an easy target for your enemies. However, there is a new trick that you could use to avoid fall damage.

Depending on the height at which you are, the fall will be fatal or not. A trick has been discovered that lets you know when you are going to die from a fall. If the player is at a height of less than 13 meters, the fall will not kill you. Anything higher than that will be deadly.

Therefore, to know how high you are and calculate an escape route by jumping into the void, you can always use the Warzone ping system to mark the land and thus know the distance you are from the land.

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