Fix Minecraft Dungeons Does Not Run or Open on My PC

In this short Minecraft Dungeons (MD) tutorial, we’ll help you resolve issues such as does not run, open or unable to install on PC (Windows 10).

In most cases users have reported that the Microsoft Store version of MD is displaying the error that the game is apparently not working on their devices. In order to fix this problem, you have to search for updates and hit enter to open up your check for updates.

In the system settings window simply select download or check for updates then you should download and install the latest updates to your system. Also make sure to download and install the feature update for Windows 10. When this is done try to install and launch the game. If you’re having trouble with the Microsoft Store version - click on the first link in a description to get the page shown below:

Minecraft Dungeons, Does Not Run, Cannot Open, PC Installation Problem

Here make sure to login with the account with which you bought the game and select download Dungeons Launcher. This will enable you to install Minecraft Dungeons properly to your PC.

If nothing helped and search for firewall to open up your Firewall & network protection system settings window. Here click on Allow an app through firewall. On the next window make sure to enable the Change Setting option and then click on allow another app. 

Minecraft Dungeons, Does Not Run, Fix Cannot Open, My PC

On the pop up window select browse and then go to the Minecraft Dungeons Directory (in my case it’s saved in my Program Files of my D Drive) after adding it make sure to uncheck it and you should be able to install and play the game.