Hyacinths Breeding Combination Guide: AC New Horizons

In this Animal Crossing New Horizons Hyacinths Flower Guide, we’ll show you how to breed different color Hyacinths.

If Hyacinths is the native flower of your island, then you can get it in the Timmy and Tommy store. If not, you can get it from Leif, the gardener who appears in your island once a week.

You can also buy it from the islands you visit using Nook miles ticket. Hyacinths are sold in red, yellow and white colors, but there are four more colors you can create: orange, pink, blue, and purple.

Hyacinths Breeding Guide, Timmy and Tommy, Store, Combination Guide
To get hyacinths of all colors, plant them according to these combinations. Always leave a box gap in between (the space of a hole with the shovel and water them every day, so that over time new flowers grow in those holes.

- Roses: Red + White
- Blue: White + White / Orange + Orange
- Oranges: Red + Yellow / Blue + Yellow (born as a hybrid)
- Violet: Yellow + Yellow (hybrid) / Blue + Blue / Orange + Orange

Hyacinths Breeding Combination, Guide, Gardening, AC New Horizons

Remember that even if you mix them according to these combinations, you may not get the hyacinths flowers. In those cases, just be patient, water them every day and you will see the result.