Reach Inaccessible Places in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons players have discovered a new hidden bug that allows you to reach unreachable locations such as bottom of the sea or the roof of a house.

How to access inaccessible areas in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

It is very simple and all you need to do is to have a chair or a seat and place it close to the area you want to reach. If it is the ocean or the river, right on the edge, if it is a house or a high area, the same.

Move the chair all the way in, until you can't hold it anymore, and then grab it and take it one step back. Then place an item in front of the chair. Anything is worth it, provided that, while sitting, you can hold it by pressing A (you’ll see the animation of the little character holding the item).

For this to work, you need to open the island and invite a friend to come online. When you're ready (sitting with your back to the edge and holding the object, without releasing the A button), you can tell your friend to come. When you see the typical animation of "Someone is coming", you’ll see how your character gets up, but since he has the item in front of him, he cannot do it and he is "crossed".

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When the animation passes, you’ll appear in the unreachable area. If it is the ocean, you can walk all over the ocean that surrounds the island (you cannot go out). It is of no use, and will only be fixed when your friend leaves the island. But cool!

What you can do is place items on the fourth height. As you've already seen, you can build up to four heights with the terraform tool, but you can't scale to the last one. With this bug ... yes you can, and you can leave objects on top!