Transfer GTA V Epic Games Version To Steam Library

In this short tutorial, we’ll guide you through the steps to import GTA 5 Epic Games Version To your Steam Library.

- First, you have to open up steam and then go to your library. Here, at the bottom of the window choose add a game where you will have to pick add a non-steam game.

Steam Library

- Next a window will pop up where you must pick the Rockstar game launcher 5em single-player launcher for custom mods or simply select GTA 5.

Steam Library

- If you're unable to find the application in this list, select browse and your file explorer will open up. Here, you must go to the drive on which you save the game on. Program Files - GTA 5 and in this folder select the GTA 5 application. The program should now be checked in this drop down menu.

Steam Library, File Folder, Program Files

- Select, Add selected programs and then the game will be listed in your Steam library.

- Right-click the game and select properties in order to change the name and a few other options.

- In order to remove it right-click the game and under manage select remove non-steam game from your library.