Trick to Pick Rewards in GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist

There is a simple trick that allows you to pick your own Casino Heist vault rewards in GTA Online.

According to the reddit user richymc9786, to choose your own vault rewards in the casino heist you must do the following:

- First complete the casino heist on one occasion.
- Once you’ve done, you must restart the casino heist and start the mission part about the Vault Contents.
- In this mission you must get to the point where you have to hack the power of the camera
- Once you are in the camera, you must find the contents of the box.
- Before the objective is completed, if you are not satisfied with it call Lester and cancel the heist
- Exit the casino and re-enter
- Complete this part of the mission, it doesn't matter what the loot was since the theme is already canceled
- Return to the game room and restart the heist

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If you have done well, the vault contents should already be confirmed in the objective you had the last time you started the heist at the casino.

Keep in mind that you must pay a $ 25,000 fee each time you restart the heist after you cancel it.