In this article, we’ll show you how to fix Valorant from crashing, freezing, running slow, stuttering or fps drops.

- First, make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements needed to run the Valorant. If not then you may need to upgrade your PC.
- Disable all unnecessary background applications including TuneUp utility.
- Update all your PC’s outdated Software and Hardware drivers (CPU, GPU, audio etc…)
- Free up memory and clearing the cache: make sure that your PC has adequate RAM to run Valorant.
- Defrag your hard disks

You can also customize the in-game settings as shown below:

First, go to the Valorant in game settings - then to the Video and in the General settings make sure that your Display Mode is set to Fullscreen and all the other setting as shown below:

Valorant, In Game, System Settings, UI

Graphics Quality:

 Valorant, In Game, Graphic Settings, UI


Valorant, In Game, Stats Settings, UI

Next open the Task Manager while the game is running - from the processes tab select the Valorant and then right click to select to go to details.

Valorant, In Game, Task Manager, UI

In the details section the “VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe” Process should be highlighted, then set this Processes to high. This will allocate more CPU resources to run the game.

Valorant, In Game, Task Manager, UI

Next open the Performance Options (Go to This PC - Right click it – select Properties- Advanced system settings-from System Properties select Advanced tab and then Performance settings) make sure to turn off all the highlighted option settings as shown below (This will slightly improve your system performance):

on 5/12/20


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