Best Settings to Run Minecraft Dungeons on Low End PC

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you the best settings to run Minecraft Dungeon on low end computer.

First, make sure your display and graphic settings set your display mode to full screen to get the most performance.

Set a resolution to your native monitor resolution in case these settings did not help as much as you wanted and you can lower the setting too. This will in any case improve your performance, but the visual quality will suffer a lot.

Set graphics preset to fast and then open the advanced graphic settings. Here, limit the FPS to your monitors refresh rate or even a bit higher if you're able to reach these values. If not and such a FPS limit to 60 this will in turn save some resources for playing the game.

You should enable the FPS counter in order to see how well the game is running a new system disable V-Sync ambient occlusion.

Set anti-aliasing quality to low as well as the shadow quality.

Lastly, disable bloom to get the most performance.

Best Settings, Minecraft Dungeons, Low End PC

Don't forget to apply your changes.