League of Legends: Fix Lags, Low FPS and Performance Issues

In this short tutorial, we’ll give you some useful tips to fix low FPS and optimize your computer performance for League of Legends (LoL).

First, make sure that the LoL is running and then open up your task manager. Here, in the processes tab right click the League of Legends process. Which is using up most of the disk space and select to go to details. In the details tab the league clients that exe process should be highlighted. Simply right click the process and sets the priority to high. This will allocate more resources to playing the game and should increase your performance.

In order to reduce the CPU utilization from other programs make sure to only add the programs from running which, you know won't break your operating system. In the startup tab you can additionally prevent programs from starting up on system boot.

League of Legends, Fix Lags, Low FPS, Performance Issues

Next you can close the game and your task manager, when this is done right-click the League of Legends shortcut and select properties. Here, in a compatibility tab selected to disable full screen optimizations and apply your changes.

Then close the pop-up window and search for game bar to open up the game bar system settings. Here, uncheck the recording option and any captures tab. Make sure to additionally disable the background recording option. If you want to record your gameplay then I suggest using OBS studio or an external capture card if you liked performance.

Next open up your GeForce experience application or AMD equivalent to update your graphics card. Depending on how frequent you updating your GPU this tweak can make the biggest difference. In drivers tab simply click on downloads and the application automatically download and install the latest driver also make sure that your operating system is up-to-date to get the most out of your system

Lastly, search for %temp% and hit enter. This will open up the folder which contains all of your temporary files which are saved by your programs and should be deleted. You can safely delete everything in this folder. Some files might remain. So just leave them there.