Solution To Fix Valorant Couldn't Start Error

In this short Valorant tutorial, we’ll help you to fix Couldn't Start error on Windows 10.

First, you must close the right clients and open up your task manager. Here, in the processes tab make sure to end all of the Valorant rights games and Vanguard processes, which might be running in the background

When this is done right-click your Valorant shortcut and navigates to its properties.

If you are unable to locate the shortcut and simply search for it in your taskbar and then select open file location. In your properties go to the compatibility tab and make sure to disable full screen optimizations and select to run a program as an admin.

Valorant Couldn't Start, Error Message

Lastly, in a shortcut tab select open file location. Your file explorer will open up where you will have to navigate back to Riot Games and then Valorant live shooter game binaries win64 and here right Click the Valorant-win64-Shipping application and select properties. Here again in the compatibility tab select Disable fullscreen optimizations and the prior changes.

Solution, Fix Valorant Couldn't Start, Error