Sony Xperia 1 II Guide: Key Features and Settings To Change

In this article, we’ll share the first few things that you need to do when you get your brand new Sony Xperia 1 Mark II.

Sony Xperia 1 II has a lot of options and a lot of upgrades from the previous version SX1 and of course there are certain things that you need to be aware of when you’re getting into a device such as SX1 II.

Image Quality Settings:

First, let’s start with the display: click on the settings tab and from the settings go to display section. Here, you’ll find a couple of settings.

First, let’s check out the image quality settings. This is going to be pretty much how you tune or fine tune the experience that it comes out of your SX1II. Depending on what you’re trying to do out-of-a-box by default motion blur is turned off as well as any video enhancement turned off and we’ll going to explain those but you do want to turn those both on. The motion blur function enables you to actually use the device with an almost 90 Hertz refresh rate experience and this is a 4K cinema wide display you’re able to enjoy that content and of course get that higher smoother footage. Again providing you a somewhat of a closer experience to 90 Hertz but not truly 90 Hertz.

So turn that on and of course video enhancement gives you the ability of actually optimizing the display to give you a better color.

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Creator Mode and Standard Mode

Last thing you do want to make sure to turn on is the ability of actually understanding the difference between Creator Mode and Standard Mode. The two differences are very much subtle but again intended to give us a specific experience. Creator Mode is intended for watching content and it’s not intended to using the UI in the normal way. So if you’re going to browsing the Twitter, Instagram etc… creator mode is not going to be the mode you want to turn it on. You want to turn it on whenever you’re enjoying video content because it gives you the ability actually getting a much better basically the BT2020 color gamut up to 10-bit color HDR. Of course, as well as 4K content at its best also in the way it was intended by the Creator. So I would say more of a closer experience to watching content at a movie.

Now, you have the way of setting it up to be Auto turned on so specifically for Netflix and of course when you’re watching 4K content you can turn it on. Of course to you enjoy content when you’re on YouTube, Amazon Prime or even you’re directly with Netflix app.

The auto mode currently unfortunately supports Netflix but you are able to turn it on and use it from there.

White Balancing

Next you need to make sure to understand the white balancing option here is different than any other smartphone on the market but also has been improved from what we’ve had last year. So we now have set presets for the white balancing options so V 1555-d 60 165 as well as all the way to the 93. By default this is not turned on. You need to turn it on and then customize it to your preference which will help you get a much more true to true tone white balance and color options for SX1II. Also make sure that the Dark Mode is present under the display you are able to turn it on. Keep in mind that the Dark Mode within the UI the settings tab is darker gray but the notification panel definitely turns on and if there is an app that supports Dark Mode it will allow it to basically override it. Since this is built into Android 10.0 which comes out of the box.

Now, out of the box the phone comes out with the standard no Android navigation so back home in the reason you’re able to jump into directly under the system tab and under the gestures to turn on system navigation - 3-button navigation. Well basically gesture which is essentially Android 10-point no gesture support. So swipe up and hold things the reason it swipe the left takes us into basically the last app and of course you can actually switch between different apps depending on to your preferences by just swiping from the bottom tab.
Sight Sense

The other thing that you’re also able to do is the ability of turning on sight sense. So sight sense is a nice little functional tool. You can turn it on. This tool allows you to launch certain shortcuts to applications. The ability of jumping into one handed mode, multi window mode as well as opening at the notification panel, although you’re able to actually do that by just doing a standard swipe. Double tapping on the right or left edges will provide you that option and again you can customize the entire UI experience to be actually just very functional in one handed mode as it actually works much nicer. When you are able to double tap open and close and it works great. It takes a little bit of practice but you feel like it. Defiantly, helps you enjoy the content a little more. Last but not least the ability of initiating the assistant by pressing hold a double pressing the power button or you are able to open up the camera app and of course double to wake up to display. Very nice and of course the configuration of when to show always-on display as this device supports it.

Game Enhancer

Next, if you are a gamer you’re definitely going to enjoy some of these nice options that we have present here.

First, make sure to download all the games that you prefer. For me I am personal being PUB G is one of my favorite games on SX1 II you’ll notice the game enhancer and there’s a few new options you need to be aware of.

The ability of overclocking certain things, overclock balance or battery sever but also the ability of saving the battery life on this device whenever you’re playing games. So if you are going to be playing games on Sony Xperia 1 II and you’re going to be playing and wall-plug then make sure you turn “H.S. power control” setting on. This allows you to actually run the device off by external power not charging your smartphone battery. This will help to reduce the heat that your device is going to be generating and also extends the life of the battery because of that.

Focus Settings / Cinema Pro

So First and foremost something to be able to consider set your preference here obviously focus settings to be able to disable all notifications or anything like that will distract you.

Last but not least the ability of recording video up to 1080p and also including the front-facing camera very nice. A lot of cool little features that are present there and flagons eight-counts will say okay and of course you can always jump into it again and change the way the actual menu is present. So you can customize all of these settings directly within the game enhancer and if your game is not present here all you have to do is hit the plus sign find your app select it and hit add and you’re pretty much set.

The Sony Xperia 1 II comes with three camera app yes, that’s right most other devices come with one app. Here, you have the standard camera app that you’re normally able to take pictures front facing back facing all the different sensors that videos up to 4k 30 frame per second 1080p on the front-facing camera. But if you’re going to be using this device for its full potential then I recommended you spending some time using the Cinema Pro app and going outside getting tripod or even just getting used to the settings options and the way it works. The reason why that this app runs a little bit different it’s more of a project basis more of a create or tuned experience by default that there is a project that gets loaded. You’re able to open up new projects set the project basically frame line basically 16 by 9 which is what I am personally going with gridlines. Of course says stabilizer on if you want to be able to use it. Here you can also create new project and of course you can basically jump between one or any other. The thing that you want to keep in mind is that once you start in a project you’re not able to change the resolution and the actual. Basically if you’re coming between 4k or 2k 60 frames or even 30 frames per second you’ll notice right there at 60 fps you are not able to change your lens even though you have two different setups spend some time using the cinema Pro app enjoy using it and also understand some of the key features that you have in there once you do that I think you’ll be able to enjoy your device a lot more than just standard opening up and not realizing why the images too dark or not working. If you are a pro user I am pretty sure you’re already using this app and you probably can skip to the next level.

Now, the same way I mentioned about the fact that the Cinema Pro will give you the ability to enjoying the video creation content based out of this device. To get the best experience I feel like I also need to mention here is to spend some time using the Photo Pro Cam app.

Florida Probe

Now, the Florida Probe does come with a couple of things that will make it easier to use. There is a way basically to customize it directly within the UI. If you press and hold the power button it will jump straight into the Camera Pro or the Standard Camera app.

Out of the box the device automatically launches the Standard Camera. To change it to Pro: in the setting TAB jump all the way down to the bottom where it says launch camera key and you’re able to customize “Launch Photography Pro” which is what we were looking at turning on the Standard Camera and take a picture or just turning on the standard camera or turning it off. Personally I feel like you need to configure it to run correctly. The reason behind using this and practicing with it is because of the way this lens is over the configuration is done.

Florida Probe, Settings Guide, Sony Xperia 1 II , SX1II

This is very similar to a Sony Alpha camera and also very much similar to holding three different lenses at 16 mm, 24 mm and 70 mm with zoom functionality. So you’ll notice there on the 24 mm you’re able to actually go from 24 mm to 70 mm without switching to 70 mm lens. You’ll notice this is the focal length and the 16 mm does the exact same thing. It goes between 16 mm to 24 mm and the beauty of the 70 mm is that it goes from 70 mm to 200 mm. So all of the options that you’ve always wanted out of the device as well as the ability of going between Auto Pro mode priority shutter mode or even manual mode to get your experience set correctly.

And last but not least the menu settings here obviously are very much reminiscent of the way you get Sony Alpha or even the RX100 experience. Press and hold the button halfway to be able to do a focus as you would expect you can see that basically the f-stop the ISO and of course the shutter speed everything you need from a camera and a Pro level experience. But again you do need to use the camera Pro app to get all of that benefit. So spend some time go outdoors and take some pictures.

Now we mentioned here about tuning the display, enjoying content there and as I mentioned to you guys even though we don’t have a way of turning on to create a remote for all the apps automatically.

Right now you’re able to enjoy content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video as well as YouTube in 4k in their native. At the beginning we were looking at the vibration function but there you can jump in and set display to be exactly the way you want it. Now, go to auto-rotate and just zoom in and enjoy 4k content in all its glory front-facing speakers and all with basically the dual shot vibration and absolutely fantastic. The fact that we have a 4k battery at 4000mAh and on top of the fact that it’s a 4k display helps us a lot.