The Last of Us 2 Chapter 2: Trading Cards Artifact Locations

In this The Last of Us 2 (TLOU2) collectible guide, we’ll show you the locations of all trading cards: Seismicayla and The Keene Twins and the Volunteer Request artifact available in chapter 2 (Waking Up) of the game.

TLOU2 has a lot of collectibles that you can find in order to get various 3D models and other artworks in the gallery and thus claim the platinum trophy. In the meantime, we start with the collectibles in the very first chapters of the game. And yes, two chapters at the same time, quite simply because chapter 1 is the prologue of the game and does not contain any object of this type.

Trading Cards


Once you arrive in the Jackson streets, walk along the first terrace to the end, the map is hung on a bulletin board.

Trading Cards, Seismicalya, The Last of Us 2, TLOU2

The Keene Twins

After you talk with Maria in the saloon, go to the end of the counter to find the Keene Twins card, placed on a barrel. It's already the last card in the chapter.

Trading Cards, The Keene Twins, The Last of Us 2, TLOU2


Volunteer Request

Before entering the saloon with Jesse, head down the street, to the right of the truck blocking the passage. Go on the terrace and take the paper right next to the ladder.

Artifact, Volunteer Request, The Keene Twins, The Last of Us 2, TLOU2