Unlock iPhone SE, 11 Pro, XR, XS: Forgot Password Passcode

In this tutorial, we’ll show you step 2 step guide to unlock your stuck, disable or forgotten iPhone passcode / PIN. So let's get started to the tutorial.

Before going ahead, if your iPhone is stuck on disabled screen or you have forgot your iPhone PIN. In this case, you cannot get your iPhones data back to your Device. Yes, it is not possible to get your iPhones data back to your Device. However, there are two simple ways to get your data back to your iOS device.

- First is using iCloud backup and the second one is from the iTunes. If you have created an iTunes backup in your PC you can restore data later from the iTunes.

Now let's get started to the tutorial and fix your iPhone

So you must have a PC to fix your iPhone because when an iPhone is disabled it is not possible to fix it without a PC. There are two ways to fix the iPhone

- The first method is the Apple iTunes method and second one is fixing iOS device with Dr.Fone screen unlock, which is a third-party software.

So let's start with the first method:

- The first step is to download and install iTunes in your PC.

- Now the next step is to open iTunes and connect your iOS device to the computer to fix it. Make sure to use original lightning data cable and let me tell you that when your iPhone is on disabled screen the computer not detects the iPhone so now what you need to do is to put your iPhone into the recovery mode in order to detect it.

- Next tap on the restore button on the iTunes after that iTunes will going to download a huge IOS freeware file and when the download completes it will start fixing your iPhone

Second method is to fix your iOS device through the Dr.Fone iOS screen unlock software. So if the iTunes method is not working for you and you have forgotten your iPhone passcode, PIN or your iPhone is stuck at disabled screen then you can also fix it without using iTunes.

- Now the first thing is to connect your iPhone to the PC and make sure you have original Apple lightning cable to avoid any connection error.

- Now just go ahead to the browser and visit the Dr.Fone web site and download and install the software in your computer.

Unlock iPhone SE, 11 Pro, XR, XS, Forgot Password, Passcode, PIN

- Next, go to the unlock screen option now

- Next step is to put your iPhone into the recovery mode.

- After getting your iPhone into the recovery mode you just need to tap on the start button to start fixing your disabled or forgotten iPhone passcode or PIN.

- Now it was going to download free software for your iOS device.

- Now keep your iPhone connected with the PC and the Dr.Fone screen unlock tool will automatically start fixing your iPhone. When the downloading of premier file will be completed with these simple steps you can easily fix your passcode for good an iPhone if it is checked on disabled screen.

- Now just simply set up your iOS device, but unfortunately, you cannot retrieve your old data of your iOS device but if you have iTunes backup or backup in your iCloud account you can retrieve your data back from there.