Valorant Custom Game Guide: Cheats, Ghost

In this guide, we’ll show you how to play a custom game environment and show you how to use all of the available cheats.

First, you must select play and under custom game you have the option to play in a closed lobby or to leave it open for your friends to join.

Below you can pick a map mode and select to enable or disable cheats.

Lastly, select to start the game as attackers, offenders or as observers.

After making your selection click on start and your custom game will start up.

Make sure to look in your preferred agent and then you will be able to jump into a custom game.

Press escape and on the top right navigates to the cheats tab.

Here you can enable ghost which is essentially a no clipping mode, which enables you to fly around the map.

Below you can enable a pause match timer and enable or disable the currently available cheats.

Lastly, select to enable or disable player invulnerability and close the settings when you're done in order to leave the custom game.

Valorant, Custom Game Guide, Cheats, Ghost

Go back to your escape menu and on the top left select the veterans logo and then click on leave match.