Valorant: Fix Unable to Connect Error Code 29 - 43

In this short Valorant tutorial, we’ll guide you to fix the connecting issue to the platform “Error Code 29 - 43” (Windows 10)

First, you must close the game and open up your task manager. Then in the processes tab, make sure to end all of development rights games and Vanguard processes, which are still running in the background. When this is done use the Windows key and R shortcut or simply search for run and hit enter. In this dialog box type msconfig and select ok

Here, make sure to set the start up selection to Normal start up and then navigate to the services tab search for vgc and make sure that it's enabled a player changes and then you can close this window.

You should now make sure to restart your system before making the seconds and final tweak. Use the Windows key and R shortcut again and this time type services.msc and hit enter. This will open up the service control manager. Here, make sure to find the VGC service again. Then right click the service and navigates to its properties in a general tab set a setup type to automatic and apply your changes.

Windows 10, services.msc

Next make sure to start the service if the service status is set to stopped,

Veterans should now run without getting the error code 29 - 43. I hope this helped you out.