Ghost of Tsushima Rewards for All Exploration Tasks Guide

In this guide, we’ll give you a quick rundown on some of the items you’ll get as rewards for completing the Exploration tasks in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) namely all the bamboo strikes, Inari Shrines and all of the Hot Springs.

Well let's get started with my absolute favorite mask in the entire game and this comes from getting every single one of the bamboo strikes and that is the SACRED MOUNTAIN MESSENGER upon completing that and getting the very last one you will be awarded the mask and you can basically go around looking like a monkey. It looks amazing. I absolutely love it.

It's basically the closer you're gonna get to getting a beard in this game more importantly it is one of those mountain monkeys and as monkeys are my favorite animals then that's also a bonus wear this with the nice Oni demon hat and you have a really cool combo.

As for the HOT SPRINGS if you guys go through and complete all of those and visit every single one and bathe every single one you’ll get the Fundoshi which is basically your bath attire. You can walk around in effectively nothing and it does supposedly have the added benefit of you know, running and sprinting no longer creates noise. So I guess you could run up behind enemies but let's just be honest. If you want to walk around in your pants, then this is the armor set for you.

And then finally for to be going around and getting all of the INARI SHRINES which obviously is worth your time anyway because you get minor charms from them you also as you get towards the end. You can increase your charm power and you just get to sit and pet foxes and they're kind of cool.

Ghost of Tsushima, Rewards, Exploration Tasks Guide

So you should always do that, you know, make sure you do pet them but if you get all of them you get the WOLF OF TSUSHIMA as your mask.

Now for those of you guys that want to get all these I don't really need to tell you where to find them because honestly as you progress throughout the game these are just marked on the map. You'll get question marks on the map and as you go to the question mark you'll learn whether or not it is a bamboo strike or an INARI SHRINE or other things like that. So what I will do however is give you a quick tip once you have kind of progressed through the game and you've obviously unlocked all the skills that you want. There are a few additional skills you can spend points on which basically allow you to track things like shrines like PILLARS OF HONOR and like HOT SPRINGS that kind of stuff. And while they're obviously not gonna be things you spend points on to begin with because you would rather invest in your skills. They are things that you should invest in at the end because it just makes your life incredibly easy you then simply track something like a HOT SPRING and the wind will just lead you towards the direction of the next one.

Quick tip on how to use this effectively: What you want to do is if you're targeting something like a HOT SPRING or a BAMBOO STRIKE.

Open up the map. Keep in mind it won't point you exactly to it but you'll see a line for the wind if that line is incredibly long. Then it basically means it is further in the distance so what you'll then do is fast travel to something a little bit further away. Open the map again see where the line goes again and basically you want to get to the point where the line is incredibly short because it then means that it is very near your location you can then use this to find absolutely anything in the game. You can find the records the collectibles you can find HOT SPRINGS SHRINES, BAMBOO STRIKES, PILLARS OF HONOR all that stuff just simply by doing that. So open the map look for the wind direction. Fast travel to the next nearest point and just keep doing that and eventually you will find all of them. So that's the time being hope you guys enjoyed that there's a quick look at some of the things you get from the exploration.