Increase Hyper Scape Performance, Best Settings to Boost FPS

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you the best settings to boost FPS and improve the Hyper Scape performance.

- So first of all, make sure to set your display mode to full screen.

- Next set a resolution to your native monitor resolution if none of these tweaks helped you out as much as you wanted then you can lower the setting too which will in any case improve your performance but your visual quality will suffer a lot.

- Next under Advanced Options turn off vsync

- Set the aspect ratio to automatic

- Set the Field Of View (fov) to the value of your choice as this should not impact your performance as well as your brightness in the graphical quality options. I suggest you to set the over quality preset to low or medium and then play a game to see if that's the case then leave the animation quality to a low setting Increase the resolution scaling as well as the framerate quality, which should be set to at least terminator’s refresh rate

- Lastly, lower the shadow quality - Increase sharpness if your CPU is not bottlenecking your performance as well as at extra quality. I Hope this helped you out.

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