MHW Sizzling Spice Festival Important Quests Guide

In this article, we’ll show you all the event quests you should be doing during the Sizzling Spice Festival.

Starting for the quest the very first one is Fetching Light Pearls - You'll be doing this quest if you want to get the Faux Kelbi layered armor. So, of course if you want to run around with a Kelbi helmet then this is the quest for you.

Moving on from there to Pearl Snatchers - You'll be using this one to craft the Pearl Spring Macaques headgear this of course is natural armor piece. Not a layered one a lot of new quests are layered focus but this one is an armor piece.You then have the quest Trophy Fishing to craft arguably one of the best great swords in the game.

The quest Duffel Duty is what you need to do to get the Duffel Penguin Mask headgear. Again this is an armor piece. Keep in mind for these ones that are on pieces we do know that in the next upcoming update for most hunter they are gonna be adding in the master rank layer armor set. So I guess all these things if you like them you'll be able to wear them eventually as layered especially, when it comes to the Buff Body armor, which I cannot wait for.

Then have the quest Flora Frostbite which is the question you do to get the Wyverian Headgear.

Meanwhile, the quest Skyward Snipers is the quest you need to do if you want to get the Downy Crake layered armor. So if you want to have a little downy crate sitting on your head, then that's the one to do.

The quest A Fish to Whet Your Appetite will allow you to craft the Whetfish Sabers. Well if you want to slap monsters with your fish then this is the quest.

The quest Camoflawed is the one you need to do if you want to craft the Faux Aptonoth Layered Armor. Meanwhile, every hunter's dream too is the quest that will let you get your wiggler palace gear. That's from the community creation competition

Seeing is Believing is the quest to make the Ice Dual Blades. They are incredibly awesome because they just look cool because they carry both sleep and paralysis which means they are a status player's dream. So definitely check that out.

There is also every hunter's dream there. This is the quest you do to craft the Black Eagle Charge Blade and also get some materials to upgrade other items like the Wyvern Ignition and a few other event quest things like that.

The quest 50 Shades Of White is one of the ones you want to do to craft the Guild Palace Weapons. These are in my opinion some of the coolest looking weapons not only in the game, but in kind of monster hunter history, I absolutely love the design for like any of the Guild Palace weapons and even if you don't want the weapons I highly recommend doing this quest just to get the tickets because you can then apply the layered armor skin
to whatever weapons you want.

The quest Scores Of Ores, of course allows you to craft the Pickaxe Longsword.

Meanwhile, Beef is Never a Mi-Steak is the question you need to do if you want to craft the Meat Hammer.

The Return of the Bioweapon quest allows you to craft the Leon and Claire resident evil armor sets. Keep in mind that these are full armor sets. You can't mix and match them but they are the ones for you.

Then have the quest A Chilling Entrance which you can complete to get the Sealed Dragon Cloth Ninja Scarf, which is awesome. You know, it's got a good slot in it and you definitely want this one.

You then have the quest the Assassin which the one you need to do if you want to upgrade your Assassin Mantle. Keep in mind that if you have not done this or if it's grayed out you need to go back down to the Low/High Rank quest and do the quest SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce. That is what you use to craft the Assassin Mantle and you can then go and do the Assassin quest to upgrade it. Of course, don't forget if you're still farming Alatreon, then the quest's Evening Star and Dawn Of The Death Star.

So do that one and as is The Eternal Gold Rush for master and cool so if you want to go back and grab some of those materials to upgrade some of your call of the Roth weapons that might be a good idea. Same thing goes for Safa’Jiva basically just jump in and farm everything that you're missing right now.

You have the quest Don't Forget The Earplugs which is for the Hare Band Layered armor.

The quest Monkey Business is for the Goldspring Macaque layered armor and again as a reminder if you are chasing down some of your Little creatures for your trophy list.

Then there is a guaranteed Gold Spring Macaque Spawn in the Hot Spring in this quest. So definitely go and do that one.

The quest Naked Truth allows you to get the Innerwear Alpha and Beta Layered armor. So if you want to walk around in basically your pajamas, that is for you.

MHW, Sizzling Spice Festival, Important Quests Guide

The Muscle Monkey Madness quest lets you craft the Buff Body armor.

The quest of Shocking Climax allows you to craft that cool Super Eight Rocket Powered Hammer and of course get some upgrade materials.

Then finally the Distant Dark Tide is the quest to fight Ark Tempered Namielle for both the Namielle Gamma armor set and the Artian Layered armor.

So those are the quests that are available for everybody but to round it all out. Don't forget if you're on PS4 only you do have the Horizon Zero Dawn quests you have into the Frozen Wilds which allows you to craft the Stormslinger Prototype like bogon and the cool Focus Pendant the quest The Survivor gives you the materials.

You need to upgrade the Shield Weaver armor set and the Adept Stormslinger Bow gun and also the materials to craft the Frost Claw.

Palico armor and weapons and the Firebreak quest gives you what you need to craft the Banuk armor and Aloy's Adept War Bow as well as the Palico gear.

So those are all the quests should we turn your attention to.