Path of Exile: New Fixes For Stuttering, FPS Drops and Lag

In this article, we’ll show you how to fix Path of Exile (PoE) stuttering, FPS drops and lag problems especially on low end PCs.

So, let’s open the Game Mode using your search bar and make sure that your game mode is set to off, then your Xbox game bar is set to off and make sure all those capture background recording and recorded audio are set to off.

Another thing really important is that all your Overlay, Discord Overlay and stuff like that, just remove that you're always getting stuttering when you're using those kind of feature.

Another thing that you can do if you have the new version of Windows or Windows 10 version, just write in the search bar GPU and click on the Graphics settings option.

You have a new feature called “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling” make sure this one is On. To see this option you have to make sure that you have the new version of Windows also, you need the latest version of your driver with Nvidia to see this and if you have an AMD card they didn't release the driver for now, but probably they will release it really soon. So you will probably have the same option though with AMD. So that's about it.

Now let's open the game, First of all, make sure that you're playing in full screen it is really important. You will lose FPS if you're using Windows mode or Windows full screen. The resolution really depend on your monitor, but after my guide if you still struggling with your FPS you will need to lower your resolution. Renderer - you have two different API that you can use DirectX 11 and Vulkan, honestly, just to use your test. Sometimes it's better if all kinds better on AMD card. So it really depends for me DirectX 11. I'm getting more FPS normally than Vulkan but when I see a lot of different action and a lot of stuff is going on in my monitor Vulkan normally is bad. I'm getting more consistent in my FPS are more consistent and also sometimes I'm even getting more FPS when a lot of stuff is happening. So depending on your style and when you are in the game just do your test really important to save Vulkan is better. So maybe you will have some game crash stuff like that so just think about it.

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Next VSync just disable this and after that Antialiasing Quality is Off you’ll gain a nice 4% boost over there. All those Shadow Quality, Sun Shadow Quality and Number of Lights will gain you another 12% in your FPS. Lighting make sure that you're playing at shadow default.

After that Bloom - Normal(Default), Incursion Effect make sure this one is disabled Water Detail Level make sure this one is set to low and here you’ll gain another like 3%.

Texture Quality really depends on your VRAM on your card. If you have 2GB and more just go with it. If you at the lesser to get go with medium it's pretty much the same thing with the Anisotropic Filtering you can go like 4x if you have like 3GB and more 2GB. If you have 2GB go with 2x and if you have less than 2GB go with your Linear Filtering Advanced. I think this one is a little bit different it's another option that you can use sometimes if your game is normally good at 60 FPS but when you have a lot of action you're getting a lot of drop. This one can help you. The first option if you enable this one will remove particle object and stuff like that to make sure that you're aiding your target frame rate.

So we'll make sure that the target frame rate is at 60 FPS because 30 FPS is a bit low and it's default of the game and honestly playing this game at 30 FPS is pretty annoying. And you have the dynamic resolution it will change your resolution again to make sure that you're getting your target over there. If you don't like those kind of effect just disable both.

One last thing Engine Multithreading make sure that this one is enabled really important. You don't want to just use one core on your CPU. You want to use multithreading so really important to be set to enable.

Another thing is the Channel Count it can help a bit. If you have a low end processor then go with low like a laptop or computer. For the rest of the people go with medium and I will show you a couple of tweak that we can do in the config file for the sound it will help you again for your fps.

Config File, Path of Exile, New Fixes, PoE, Stuttering, FPS Drops, Lag

So now let's go inside of the config file. To find your config file you need to go to Documents - My Games and then to Path of Exile. You will see production_config double click on it Ctrl F and look for shadow when you see shadow_type make sure that you're writing no_shadows (shadow_type-no_shadows) and it will help you a lot with your FPS because you will remove the shadow in the game.

Another thing that you need to do is in sound over there. Please don't put zero if you want to remove a sound for example, ambient_sound_volume2-false, Chat_alert_sound_volume-false to remove it completely inside of the game because even if you go inside of the game and you put a slider at left the game will still use resources to whatever to make your audio, but if you don't want to hear it you don't want to use your resources for it. So this is the way that you can activate it by writing false
pretty important on low end CPU which will help you a lot with your FPS and also you will get a more stable FPS when you're playing the game. Make sure that you save this click X and also click properties and make sure that you put in this file and read-only. You don't want a game to override it.

So in this way, you make sure that your config will always be on when you're playing the game.