Settings to Improve Fix Fortnite Season 3 Frame Rate Drops

In this article, we’ll show you how to enhance your Fortnite Season 3 gaming experience on PC by increasing your performance showing you the best in-game settings for low end computers and applying a few easy tweaks to get the most out of your old or new system while playing Fortnite.

First, start the game and we’ll go into the best in-game settings for low to mid end pcs. This means that if you're using a newer more powerful pc, then you should increase these settings quite a bit.

In your video settings make sure to set the window mode to full screen. Using WINDOWED OR WINDOWED FULLSCREEN will reduce your performance by at least 5 percent.

Then set your in-game resolution to your native monitor resolution. In case you're using a low-end pc and these changes did not help you out as much as you wanted then you can lower the setting too. This will in any case improve your performance, but the visual quality will suffer a lot.

Next set your frame rate limit to a value above your screen's refresh rate, but below your maximum in-game fps. Your brightness contrast and colorblind mode will not affect your performance.

In your graphics quality options set your 3d resolution to 100. This option should be decreased to around 90 percent in case you still need more performance after applying all of these tweaks in this guide. I suggest to you to play your game to see how well your system can handle the new settings and then change your 3d resolution option accordingly.

Then set your View Distance to FAR.

Turn off shadows as well as anti-aliasing.

Set the textures to medium and effects and post-processing to low.

Fortnite Season 3, Post-Processing Window

In your advanced graphics options turn off vsync and motion blur. Make sure to show the fps counter while playing to see how well your system can handle the game.

Set the directx version to 11 allow multithreaded rendering and don't use GPU crash debugging.

After applying your changes make sure to leave the game running and open up your task manager. On this window in the processes tab right click Fortnite and select to go to details. In the details tab the FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe application should be highlighted. Simply right click this application and select to set the priority to high.

Fortnite Season 3, FPS Drops, Task manager

This will in turn allocate more resources to play the game and should in most cases increase your performance especially, if you have other programs running in the background. If your CPU utilization is already at 100 when playing the game then making this change is not advised and you should leave the process priority at normal

In order to reduce your CPU utilization while playing Fortnite I suggest to you to end some programs from running in the background, which you don't need while playing the game but make sure to only end the programs from running which, you know won't break your operating system. When sorting your processes by CPU and GPU utilization you can quickly find processors such as your browser running in the background steam or Skypewhich reduce your overall performance while in-game.

The performance tab will show you in addition how much your available ram is in utilization? Which could help you troubleshoot?

Which components are bottlenecking your performance?

Lastly in the startup tab, I suggest you to prevent some programs from starting up on system boot. This will in any case increase your overall performance.

You can now close Fortnight and your task manager. When this is done search for game bar to open up your game bar system settings. Here uncheck the recording option and in the captures tab, make sure to additionally disable the background recording option.

When enabled these settings, they will only reduce your performance as these processes will run in the background. If you wish to record your gameplay, then I suggest using OBS studio or an external capture card if you lack performance.

Next open up your file explorer, here navigate to the drive on which you saved Fortnite.

Go to your program files - Fortnite - FortniteGame – Binaries - Win64 and in this folder right lick the FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping application and select properties in your properties select the compatibility tab and here make sure to disable full screen optimizations and apply your changes. When enabled this will allow your OS to optimize performance of games when running in full screen mode however, many users have noticed the opposite effect meaning that this setting would in turn reduce performance. So make sure that it's disabled.

 Fix Fortnite Season 3, Frame Rate Drops

Lastly we will optimize your graphics card for gaming on your pc.

Open up your nvidia control panel by right-clicking your desktop and selecting it.

On this window navigate to Manage 3D Settings and here select Program Settings.

Select to add a program to customize and a new window will show up.

You should be able to find Fortnite in this list if you have recently played the game but if this is not the case then select browse, which will open up your file explorer. Here, navigate to the drive on which you save the game. Navigate to Program Files – Fortnite – FortniteGame-Binaries-Win64 and here select the FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping application.

After adding the selected program you need to specify a few settings. Make sure to set the CUDA setting to your main GPU.

Set the power management modes to prefer maximum performance and set the texture filtering quality to performance.

After making these changes, you can apply your changes and then you can close this window.

For nvidia users, I also suggest to make some changes in your geforce experience application.

If you're using an AMD GPU, then you can do the same changes in the AMD radian software.

In the home tab select details for Fortnite and here you will be able to further optimize some game settings. When selecting the wrench icon you can use a slider menu to optimize the game for performance or for quality depending on your components. You should choose the best tradeoff for your system.

Improve Fortnite Season 3,

In addition you will be able to use a custom resolution which will be applied the next time you launch the game.

In the drivers tab you should make sure to download and install the latest driver for your GPU

This will take a minute to download and with the express installation, you’ll be using an updated graphics card in less than 5 minutes.

This can make the biggest performance difference depending on how long ago you have last updated your graphics card.

I hope these changes helped you out as much as you need it.