Trick to Get More Kills, Quad and Claymore in CoD Warzone

In this guide, we’ll show you one of the cool tricks that you are going to see in Call of Duty Warzone. To do it you need a Quad, a Claymore and a trophy system. Once you have that, the fun begins.

For this to work, you need a quad, a Claymore and a trophy defense system. Once you have these elements you’ll have to place the Proximity mine in the front of your quad and the trophy system behind.

If you succeed, then you’ll only have to look for enemy squads that travel aboard a truck or any other vehicle. The trick doesn’t require more than one thing: stamping against such vehicles. The mine will explode and make every car explode too. You will get kills while you are kept safe by the trophy system.

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Get More Kills, Quad and Claymore. CoD Warzone