Flight Simulator 2020 Fix Stuttering and FPS Drop on PC

 In this guide, we’ll show you on how to boost your fps in Flight Simulator 2020.


So let’s start with the optimization of your PC. First, write game mode in your Windows search bar and make sure that your game mode is set to off. It's causing like stuttering and FPS drops.


Make sure that your Xbox Game Bar is sett off and also all those overlay that you're currently using like discord AMD overlay and video overlay make sure that you remove that and the capture from Windows make sure that your background recording is set to off and also your recorded audio is set to off.


If you did the latest driver update for your Nvidia driver and your Windows driver, you’ll see a graphic setting option and the Hardware-Accelerated GPU scheduling make sure this one is not on.


The last thing is your graphic drivers. If you have like Nvidia, they just released a brand new driver for Microsoft Flight Simulator. I did a test. I got like a 6% boost in my FPS.


One more thing is where you install the game. So for example, if you're running a flight simulator on steam right click on it - click properties - go to local file - save browse local file. So this will show you where you install the game and you need to look at the execute files. You will see that it's like 300mb. Right click on it. Click properties go to compatibility press disable full screen optimization. Click on change DPI setting and make sure override DPI scaling behavior is checked.


Also, this game is running on the directx 11. So that's why we're doing that. It will optimize your game.


So now let's go inside of the game. Now in the game we'll press in general.


So first of all, make sure that your display mode is full screen. Also after all these things if you still don't get the amount of FPS that you want make sure that you lower your resolution. This was pretty much your last resort.


After that, make sure that your Vsync is set to off.


Anti-aliasing - this one is a bit weird for me because I did a test. I turned off this feature and I was getting one FPS. So I didn't understand this one. So if you have like a low end PC just test it. Maybe it will change something for you. But for me, it's pretty much the same.


Terran Level Of Detail - Two sliders over there


Terran Vector Data, Buildings, Trees, Grass and Bushes I'm putting those one at medium. I see that you can get like 1 to 2% boost on FPS for each like I to medium but I didn't see a huge impact between Low and medium for me. So that's why I'm keeping it at medium.


Objects level of detail - 10


Volumetric Clouds - high


Texture resolutions – high


Anisotropic Filtering - 8X


Texture Supersampling - 4x4


Texture synthesis - high (if you have more than 6 GB of Vram go with I8x 4x4 and if you have like 4GB  go with medium 4x 2x4 and medium and if you have less than 4 GB go with low 2x off and low.  So this is pretty much the setting that you will need to do depending on your setting.


Water Waves - medium (I didn't see a big improvement here so that's why I'm keeping it at medium but again, if you're very high, you don't necessarily see the waves on the water but if you go near the water and you're getting crazy drop. This is probably because of that I did a test. High vs. Medium and I'm getting like 2 FPS and Low vs. Medium I'm getting 1 FPS, so that's why again I'm using medium for this parameter.


Shadow Maps, Terrain Shadows and Contact Shadows - those ones are really important even Ambient Occlusion.


This is pretty much where you will get your fps. So go with 768 of Shadow Map, Contact Shadows is set to off and Ambient Occlusion is set to off and you will gain a nice chunk of fps here.


Again, when you really are in the sky, it will not affect your fps, but when you go lower in the city, it's crazy. It's like it will give you like 15 to 16 fps, and it's not necessarily a boost. It's more like you were at 60 and now you're in the city. So you're like at 35 or 40. So when you put all the shadows are set to off, you will probably gain your 60 again.


Windshield Effect - Low. I don't like this effect in the game and also I was getting like drop of FPS when I'm getting like water rain and stuff like that. So that's why I'm putting this one at low.


Reflections is really important also, I stabilize my fps with this one like a 6% boost. When I see a lot of reflection I was getting a lot of drop. So this is a way that I can stabilize my fps with the reflection at low.


After that Light Shafts, Bloom, Depth Of Field, Lens Correction and the Lens Flare everything are set to off and also it's giving me like a 5 to 6% boost in my FPS.


After that the traffic if you're still struggling with your FPS. Their aircraft traffic type you can definitely use off if you have like an entry level computer. It will help you a lot and all those airport live and see traffic.

I put those one at the minimum and it will help you a lot for the fps. Really important don't use the AI offline. I don't know why if it's broken or not but I was losing like 50 of my fps when I was using this feature.


So that's it guys for the guide.