Fortnite Guide: Find Missing Parts Launch Siona's Spaceship

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find all missing parts, fix and launch Siona's spaceship.

This new challenge in Fortnite is a somewhat special as it could well open a complete part of the intrigue of Season 3. With the recent drop in the water level, the ancient spaceship near northern Craggy Cliffs is uncovered. And it is already possible to find all missing parts, fix and launch Siona's spaceship.

Step 1: Find Siona's Spaceship

The spaceship is on a sandbank, near the place called Craggy Cliffs.

Once you arrived at the ship, you then trigger the various parts constituting the secret challenge.

Step 2: Find the Missing Parts of the Spaceship

You need to fix the ship in order to launch it, and three essential mechanical parts are scattered around the crash site.

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- The battery pack to the ship is in the little cove, underwater.

- Head shield is located in a decorative rock that you will have to break, further east.

- Thruster boom is embedded in the cliff to the south, and radiates a green light. To access it, you will need to build a ramp with materials!

Collecting all three parts will grant you 14,000 experience points.

Step 3: Assemble and Launch

Then, you will only have to return to the crash spaceship to install the missing parts, on the left side of the machine and on the left reactor.

Then activate the launch of the ship. A countdown is displayed. Once the countdown is completed, the ship will launch and you will then gain 25,000 experience points!


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