Godfall: Getting Started Guide

Godfall is a third person action RPG shooter / slasher video game where you engage enemies and bosses in broad skill-based melee combat in order to find better gear level up and become stronger.  It is not a game as a service in the traditional sense meaning it should in theory have everything in place.


Godfall can also be played both solo and with up to two other friends in a three player co-op.


The game takes place in Aperion, the world is on the edge of ruin you play as one of the last Valorian knights an order of god-like warriors that are able to equip legendary armor known as valorplates. These valorplates transform their wearers into unstoppable masters of combat. These artifacts will be necessary to take on the foes of the elemental realms as you make your way to the top of the Skybreaker Monolith where the mad god Macros awaits.


Your challenge Godfall is divided into two types of missions story and hunt story missions will of course take you through the narrative of the game and further your quest to defeat the mad god.


Meanwhile hump missions allow you to take on bosses in 1v1 combat focusing on that aspect instead. You can also challenge the Tower Of Trials and endgame activity that pits you against the toughest opponents for a chance at top tier loot.

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Combat will vary depending on which of the five weapon types. You choose Longsword,  Polearm, Warhammer Greatsword and Dual Blades each of which has a unique playstyle which goes alongside the special class-like system known as valorplates.


Combat is designed with a fence in mind. Feeling more akin to the likes of God Of War and Devil May Cry rather than that of say a Souls Born style title. This means you'll be cleaving through groups of enemies allowing you to feel like an unstoppable god in combat bosses. Will of course pit you in challenging 1v1 scenarios where you have to leverage a different skill set in order to defeat them.


When it comes to loot Valorplates are armor sets that stand in for a more traditional class system and they're unlocked as you progress throughout the game. There are 12 in total and each one comes with its own set of unique stats a unique passive buff as well as a powerful ultimate known as an Archon ability. These can be customized even further via the use of augments. Which allow you to alter the stats and add different perks?


You'll find more powerful weapons and items including legendaries as you progress throughout the game. However, you will have to meet the correct level requirement in order to use these. The game includes a crafting system allowing you to use materials to drop from enemies to enhance your favorite gear and keep it in line.


With your power level as you progress throughout the game, you'll gain levels, which will of course grant you points which you can then spend on further abilities to enhance your character even more. Take that newfound power take it into the world and start wreaking havoc.