Find and Unlock Marvel's Avengers Secret Shield Vaults

 A great way to farm gear in Marvel Avengers is to find the Hidden Missions scattered around the world which include chests full of gear and legendary loot. For this you will need to find the right clues and codes.

Via the beta, the trophies as well as the details of the game modes of Marvel's Avengers, we were able to confirm the presence of highly profitable secret missions that require you to accomplish a series of specific actions to be unlocked. These abandoned S.H.I.E.L.D vaults are scattered all over the place, and we can assume there is one per region. They contain at least one item of epic quality as a mission reward, not to mention what the many chests can contain.

Marvel's Avengers: Finding the Clues

When during a mission a small proximity radar appears at the top left of the screen, a SHIELD cache is nearby. The trigger distance appears to be around 100-130 meters. All you have to do is use it to find the clue a marked plan chest that contains the coordinates of the hidden mission.

Unlock the Snowy Tundra Vault Mission

Go to a mission terminal, select the Pacific Northwest region, then the Star realities mission. Once the mission is launched, go straight until you reach a bridge that allows you to pass a ravine. As you walk along it to the left and use the objective radar at the top left of the screen, you should find a switch in the forest. By activating it, the entrance to a secret vault will be revealed. Inside is a chest with the code unlocking the secret vault. You will have to finish or abandon the current mission for the rest.

Note that this step must be repeated each time after visiting the vault, in order to unlock the secret mission again.

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Snowy Tundra Vault Mission

The course of the mission is rather classic at first, you should go around the optional objectives, equipment caches are around. You will have to press buttons each time to access it. You then have to find the kind of manhole cover to unlock the entrance to the vault, the process is the same as for the scripted mission which served as a tutorial with Nick Fury and the Shield protocols.

Once in the vault, things will get complicated, you have to go around the place to locate 5 number buttons, remember their position. You will have to enter the right combinations in order to unlock the 3 locks. The length of the combination is increasing each time, there are 2, then 3 and finally 4. You have to walk on the light box to activate the button.

Once the code is entered, you must join the main command and defend the area against enemies until the end of the countdown. It is important to stay in the area and focus on the pirate robots who will try to defeat the procedure. If this fails, you will have to repeat this step.

Once the 3 locks are open, you can access the chest to collect your precious loot. As mentioned above, if you want to repeat this mission, you will have to find the secret vault of the mission Stark Realities.

Other Vault to find

For now, we can only encourage you to be vigilant and look for hidden buttons and chests in the game's various repeatable missions. Their list is coming soon.