Mafia Definitive Edition: Fix Low FPS

 In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix low FPS and boost performance on PC.


So first remove the game mode from your computer, make sure that it's at off.

Next, remove the Xbox game bar at off and those captures, background recording at off and recorded audio at off.


Also, make sure that you update your driver for the latest one.


Next open the graphic setting. To see this option you really need the latest version of windows 10 (version 2004) and you need to activate the hardware accelerated GPU scheduling when you did that you need to restart your computer to make sure it apply your changes.


Now, we will go inside of the game and I will show you what to change to make sure that everything is running smoothly. So now the graphic parameter inside of the game, so we need to go to option after that display, and this is pretty much where you can change your stuff.


First of all, make sure that your resolution matches your monitor. If after all my guide, you're still struggling to run this game then you probably need to lower your resolution.

Full screen really important to play this game in full screen don't go with borderless mode. It's causing a lot of issue so play full screen.


Vsync - put it this one at off fill.


Field of view - this one is a little bit weird. I feel like I'm getting a lot of stuttering when I go higher in my field of view. So just leave it at default.

Mafia Definitive Edition: Fix Low FPS


Next, depth of field - you must remove this effect.


Also, motion blur set at off. You're not getting like more fps, like maybe one or two but it's not supposed to give you more FPS.


Geometry Detail - medium


Vegetation - you can put your vegetation at low. With low I'm getting like 7% increase.


Decals - medium. If I compare high to medium I'm getting 3% but medium to low 1% so medium is a good spot.


Direct lighting - low.  If you go high to low I'm getting 10 in my FPS. So really important this one. Put it at low.


Indirect lighting go with medium. You're getting a couple of FPS high to medium. But medium to low not a huge deal.

Shadow quality - low.  This is pretty much the perimeter that will get more at the most FPS if I compare high to low I'm getting 10 to 11 in my fps. So for example right now if you're running the game at 50 52 just put your shadow quality at low and you should be fine.


Reflection quality. This one is a bit tricky. You can start at for example if you have like a mid-range computer start at high look at your fps if you don't feel like you're gaining some random drop stay like this if you're getting job go with medium and if you're still getting job go with low, I did a couple of tests on my laptop because it's a less powerful computer and I can definitely run at medium with a GTX 1060 a mobile version with a nice i7 so it's not a huge deal. But if you feel like your game is stuttering a little bit look at your reflection quality.


Volumetric effect. It's like 3% for each bracket. So high to low you can get like 6% so definitely this one at low.


Anti-aliasing. I'm getting 3 to 4% high to medium. But medium to low 1% and at low the game looks really like shit. So just go with medium.


So right now this is pretty much the parameter that you can change.