Best Genshin Impact Characters, Teams, Skills and Equipment

In this guide we’ll listed all the Genshin Impact characters from best to worst and we also give some recommend equipment that you can use in the game.


the main problems that we are facing in Genshin Impact is knowing how to better combine the characters and take advantage of those that we have available depending on the moment of the gamed.


Sometimes having the best characters for Genshin Impact depends on luck, it is important that we know how to build the best team according to the moment and the circumstance of the game in which we find ourselves.


So we are going to classify the characters from the best in general terms to the least good, since in general it must be said that there are no bad characters and that even some that we are going to fit within the lowest rank may be in the main rank depending on the time of departure.


First we are going to list down the heroes from rank S to rank D, telling you about their main element, their favorite weapon and certain characteristics.


Tier S


- Venti is specialized in the wind element, carries the bow and with an elemental burst capable of absorbing the power of the elements and inflicting that damage on enemies.


- Diluc is specialized in fire and carries the Claymore and is capable of breaking enemy shields and deflecting all but the most powerful attacks.


- Qiqi is specialized in Cryo and carries the sword, she is an easy character to use together with others and thanks to her abilities she is able to freeze enemies, to which we must add that she is the best healer in the game.


- Fischl specializes in lightning and carries the bow, and is notable for its summoning and also for the ability to deal ranged damage over a large area.


Tier A


- Mona is specialized in water and has a very high speed and facility to configure elemental reactions.


- Barbara also specializes in water and is a decent healer, and can still cover large areas with water.


- Jean specialized in wind, carries a sword and thanks to it can attack enemies and heal the group at the same time.

- Keqing specializes in electro, carries a sword and is capable of inflicting a lot of damage with elemental reactions, and on top of it he is an easy character to use.


- Xiangling specializes in fire, carries a pole-shaped weapon, and is capable of summoning a kind of fire-breathing animal. It also has a lot of very easy melee attacks to perform.


Tier B


- Traveler Anemo specialized in wind, he carries the sword, he is one of the main characters and he is able to change elements during the game. Ideal for beginners.


- Traveler Geo more specialized than the previous one, and when you specialize it on the ground it becomes much easier to use for melee attacks.


- Razor specialized in lightning and carries the Claymore, it is ideal for melee attacks but has a somewhat limited elemental reaction potential. But it is good that you have it in your group because it has a passive ability that reduces the resistance lost while running by 20%.


- Chongyun specialized in Cryo and with Claymore, it is good that you use it to set up powerful elemental reactions and can use the nearby water to freeze the enemies.


- Xingqiu specializes in water and carries a sword, ideal for beginners if you want to focus on close range attacks. Thanks to its passive ability, you are given the option of recovering materials while doing crafting.


- Bennett is a fire specialist and carries a sword, has a passive ability that reduces expedition time by 25%, and has very interesting fire attacks.


Genshin Impact, Best Characters, Teams, Skills, Equipment

Tier C


- Kaeya carries a sword and is specialized in the element of Cryo, he is an easy character to use in melee and although his elemental does not do much damage, he recharges very quickly.


- Noelle specializes in the earth element and wears a claymore. Thanks to his elemental ability, he raises a shield to protect the group and at the same time grants a great opportunity for healing.


- Ningguang specialized on the ground and focused on defense and is able to protect our group from ranged attacks.


- Lisa specialized in lightning and thanks to this she can do much more damage than some other characters because her attacks have a fairly wide area.


- Beidou specializes in lightning and while she is somewhat slow, her charged attacks can even cancel the attacks of most enemies.


- Sucrose specialized in wind, and can inflict elemental damage with its normal attacks and most of its attacks also hit a wide range.


Tier D


- Amber specialized in fire and carries a bow, it will only work for the beginning of the game although at least she can target the enemy.


Depending on which element you want to specialize in, we have selected the best possible team for each one:


Pyro: Diluc + Xianling + Fischl + Venti


Cryo: Chongyun + Kaeya + Fischl + Venti


Electro: Razor + Fischl + Kaeya + Qiqi


Hydro: Mona + Xingqiu + Fischl + Venti


Geo: Ningguang + Traveler Geo + Fischl + Venti