Change the Weather in Crown Tundra

In this guide, we’ll show you how to change the weather in Crown Tundra Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. 

First, let’s go and change the date and time for that you need to select the home button. Go to the system settings then scroll all the way down to system - date and time. Here, you must change the date and time then go back to the game.

Next, you need to open the town map. To see the weather conditions you must press the plus button on and off. The Crown Shrine and caves weather are never going to change, raining and thunderstorm conditions only cover certain portions of the map. April 30th is always sunny, March 31st is always going to be cloudy, there’s going to be isolated and random rain and storms throughout the whole map, July 31st is foggy, June 30th is going to be snowing, August 31st is going to be blizzards, May 31st is intense sunlight and there’s not going to be any sand storm in the Crown Tundra. 

There are only seven locations that have rain and thunderstorms. 

Change the Weather, Crown Tundra, Pokemon Sword & Shield

- On the Frigid Sea: On July 29th is going to be raining and November 15th is going to be stormy. 

- Three-Point Pass: On March 15th is going to be rainy and December 10th will be stormy.

- Giant’s Foot: On November 15th is going to be raining and March 15th will be stormy.

- Giant’s Bed and Old Cemetery are going to be same and that’ll be December 10th rainy and February 1st stormy.

- Dyna Tree Hill and Ballimere Lake are also going to be the same and that will be December 10th rainy and August 15th stormy.