Fix Black Ops Cold War Connection Problem

In this guide, we we’ll show you how to fix lost connection to host error you are getting when starting or while playing Black Ops Cold War.

This error is either caused by the activation servers by your network properties or because of an unreliable network connection.

First, I suggest visiting the following page. Here, everything you need will be listed in the description below. This page will display any server issues when selecting the game. In this drop-down menu below you can preview the server status for the platform you are using. In case the error is caused by your own connection then make sure to follow the next steps. 

Black Ops, Cold War, Fix Connection Problem

Now, completely exit out of your Blizzard launcher in your system tray and restart it using admin permission. When this is done click on the second link in the description to get to the following page. Here, you’ll have to log in with your Activision account.

Black Ops, Cold War, Fix  Connection Problem

Select profile and under an Account linking make sure that your Battlenet Xbox live or PlayStation account is linked to your Activision account. 

To troubleshoot your own network connection, I suggest opening up your commands prompt by searching for CMD and hit enter. There use the command ping This will check your latency and more importantly your packet lost to Google servers.

In case you experience any packet loss then follow the next steps.

Use the command ipconfig /flushdns. This will flush and reset the contents of your DNS resolver cache and will help with latency issues. Make sure to use an Ethernet cable for the best possible connection. If you need to use a WiFi connection then make sure to restart your router or modem, if you haven’t done this in a while and also reduce the amount of devices using the same network connection. 

Next try to change your server region in your Blizzard launcher this will help depending on where you’re trying to connect from.

When this is done open up your task manager and navigate to your resource monitor. In the network tab open the Processes with network activity and after few seconds you can see every process using the same network connection. This might be your browser running in the background or a download but lacking your connection. I suggest you to only other processes which you won’t break your operating system. Below you can also preview your network utilization in percent.

Lastly, if nothing helped then you would have to open port forward and nat faq as your connection could be hindering the software from accessing online services, then check out the guide from the Activision in the description below to change your nat type.