Fix Black Ops: Cold War Crash, Hangs and Fatal Errors

In this guide, we will show you how to fix crash, hangs and fatal error that appears after Black Ops: Cold War crashed on your PC.

First, you’ll have to allow the game to run through your firewall and anti-virus program as some parts of the software can be blocked thus resulting in the fatal error or crash. Search for firewall to open up your firewall and network protection system settings then click allow an app through firewall.

On the pop up window select to change settings and then allow another app - from the add an app window select browse and your file explorer will open up. In your file explorer go to the driver on which you save the game, on program files Black Ops Cold War and then select the Black Ops Cold War application and select open select to add Black Ops Cold War to the list of allowed apps and features.

Next, search for Windows security to open up the Windows security system settings. There under virus & threat protection scroll down and click on manage ransomware protection - select to allow an app through controlled folder access after turning this option on. 

Click on add an allowed app and then browse all apps - in your file explorer navigate to the drive on which you save the game on - program files - Black Ops Cold War and then select to open the BlackOpsColdWar to add application. When this is done you should in addition also add the Black Ops Cold War Launcher.exe to the control folder access.

Black Ops, Cold War, Fix Crash, Hangs, Fatal Errors

Next you’ll have to change the language in your Windows 10 settings. I know this seems strange but this has helped a lot of users. Search language to open up your language system settings window. There under region change your language to English United States. In case you’re already using this language then change it to any other English language.

Next open up your Geforce experience application or AMD equivalent to update your graphics card. In the driver tab simply click on download and the application will automatically download and install the latest driver. Also make sure that your operating system is up-to-date to get the most out of your system.

When this is done open up your Nvidia control panel. You can do the same step with the AMD driver suit. Here go to Manage 3D Settings and then program settings - select to add a program to customize and then add Black Ops Cold War from the program list. Make sure that the CUDA setting is set to your main GPU.

Set the power management mode to prefer maximum performance and set the texture filtering quality to performance. 

In case a problem persists then open up your Blizzard launcher. There under Black Ops Cold War click on options and then scan and repair. This will redownload and replace any missing or corrupted game files and should take a minute to complete.

Also make sure that your graphics driver and operating system is up-to-date to get the most out of your system.