Fix Black Ops Cold War Low FPS, Stutter and Lags

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to boost or fix Low FPS, Stutter and lags in Black Ops Cold War.

If you have a low-end PC that meets the minimum system requirements then tease tweaks will help you a lot. Everything you need will be listed in the description below. 

First, open up the game and navigate to your in game settings then in the graphic section set the Display Mode to full screen. I have set it to Windowed as it’s easier to record.


Disable VSYNC 

Set the Render Resolution to 100. In case you still need more performance after all of these tweaks then you should lower this setting too. This will in turn increase your FPS but the visual quality will suffer a lot.

Black Ops, Cold War, Fix Low FPS, Stutter, Lags

The display options should not change your performance but I suggest limiting your frame rate to bit higher than your screen’s refresh rate. This should save some resources while playing the game. 

In the Details and Textures section reduce the texture and Texture Filtering Quality to low or medium. 

Depending on your system Screen Space Reflection disabled.

Set the Object View Distance to high to save some resources.

I always prefer to lower the shadow options to the lowest in case you’re using an Nvidia GPU and you’re running the latest driver.

Enable the NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency option.

Disabled Anti-Aliasing Quality.

Motion Blur - Disabled. 

Set the CPU Priority Management to manual. 


Lastly, in case you’re getting random lag on a high-end system then you should Restart the Shaders Compilation which will take a minute to complete. 

When this is done leave the game running and open up your Task Manager. There in the Processes tab right click Black Ops Cold War and select to go to Details. In the Details tab the BlackOpsColdWar.exe program should be highlighted the right click it and set the priority to high. This will allocate more resources to playing the game and should increase your performance. Especially if you have other programs running in the background.

Next you should also end some CPU intensive programs which you don’t need to be running while playing the game such as your browser running in the background, steam or your antivirus program but make sure to only add the processes which you know won’t break your operating system.

In the Startup tab you can additionally prevent some programs from starting up on system boot. This will lower your overall CPU usage when using your PC. When this is done you can close your Task Manager and the game running in the background.

Next, search for Game Bar to open up the Game Bar system settings.

Here, uncheck the recording option and in the Captures tab make sure to additionally disable the Background Recording option. These settings will only reduce your performance. If you want to record your gameplay then I suggest using OBS Studio or an external capture card if you lack performance.

Next open up your Geforce Experience application or AMD equivalent to update your graphics card, depending on how frequent you’re updating your GPU this tweak can make the biggest difference. In the Drivers tab simply click on download and the application will automatically download and install the latest driver. 

Black Ops, Cold War, Fix Low FPS, Stutter, Lags

Also make sure that your operating system is up-to-date to get the most out of your system.

Lastly, open up your Nvidia control panel you can do the same steps with the AMD driver suit. There go to Manage 3D settings and then program settings select to add a program to customize and then add Black Ops Cold War from the program list. Below we’ll change a few settings. Make sure that the CUDA-GPUs setting is set to your main GPU.

Set the Power Management mode to prefer maximum performance and set the Texture Filtering quality to performance.