Fix Genshin Impact Connection Problem

In this guide we'll show you how to fix the connection failed problem you’re getting while playing or when starting Genshin Impact on your PC. 


First, make sure that your firewall is not blocking parts of the software. Open up your firewall & network protection system settings. Here, select allow an app through firewall then from the pop up window select change settings and then allow another app. Select browser and your file explorer will open up. Go to the drive on which you save the game. On program files Genshin Impact and here select the launch application and select open.


If the problem persists then the error is caused by the game’s server or your own network connection as there’s an influx of new players at the moment this error is often caused by the game severs. That’s why I would suggest you to change the server location. This will tell you whether your own connection is at fault.


Genshin Impact, Fix Connection Problem

Next, open up your task manager. Here, navigate to your resource monitor. In the network tab open the processors with network activity and after a few seconds you will see every process using your network connection. This might be your browser running in the background steam or a download bottlenecking your connection. I suggest you to only add the process which you know won’t break your operating system. Below you can also preview your network utilization in percent. To test your connection visit, a normal upload and download speed without interruption is important to properly play online games on your PC. I suggest you using an Ethernet cable for best performance.


If you need to use a WiFi connection then make sure to restart your router or modem, if you haven’t done this in a while. And also reduce the amount of devices connected to the same network.