Fix Low FPS, Stutter Lags and Optimize PC for Genshin Impact

In this short tutorial we'll show you how to optimize your PC to run Genshin Impact smoothly.
First of all we're going to make sure that you optimize your Windows properly.
So the first thing that you need to do is to write game mode in your search bar then make sure that your game mode is at off and make sure that your game bar is not off and also remove all overlay that you’re currently using because they are always causing stuttering and issues.
If you have a low end PC for the capture makes sure that your background recording is at off. Recorded audio is at off.
It is also important to update your video drivers, make sure that you update them directly from their website.
If you have the latest version of Windows 10 the 2004 one write GPU in your search bar then open your graphics setting and make sure that your hardware accelerated GPU scheduling is at on then restart your PC.
If your have a high-end PC you won’t see a difference but if you have a low-end computer and you want to play a game you’ll see a three to four percent boost in your FPS.
One more thing for the game itself, so just go where you install the game (GenshinImpact.exe). Choose the execute for the game right click on it to go to properties – go to compatibility. Make sure that disable full screen optimization is checked after that go to the change High DPI setting and make sure override DPI scaling is checked.

Fix Low FPS, Stutter Lags, Optimize PC, Genshin Impact

Next, you need to go inside of the game Graphics - Display Mode, I don’t have a full screen right now. I don’t know why I have like a random resolution over there and full screen and my two monitors are currently at 1080p so normally I just use 1080p full screen so that’s a bit hard for the FPS right now. It’s currently locked at 60 but you still can put your V-Sync at close if you want and I saw that in some weird situation like a warning message and stuff like that I was getting more FPS.
After that Render Resolution. Here you have one or 100 % so you have 1.1 by default. I did a test with 0.8. Normally 0.8 makes your game looks like trash but in this game 0.8 is fine. Honestly I did not see a big difference and I saw an improvement in my FPS like 5 to 6%. So this one can be good for you to gain more FPS.
Next Shadow quality - this is the most important setting in the game. So if I compare high to low I was getting 12% boost in my FPS. So really important to put Shadow quality to low.

Visual effect - I did not see a huge difference in the FPS. If you have like some random drop when you’re fighting and stuff like that go at low. If you don’t see that just go with medium.
SFX quality - This one I saw a 3% difference high to medium, Medium to low 1%. So keep that at medium.
Overall setting - Go with low.
Anti- aliasing - This one is a bit tricky. The difference between TAA and SMAA is 4%. So if you are struggling with FPS for sure remove that it will help you a lot but without it I see a lot of aliasing in this game. So better use SMAA.
Last one is motion blur. I always remove motion blur in my game I don’t like this effect so that’s why on or off you’ll not gain any FPS with this one. It’s more like a question of preference so that’s about it for the graphic parameter.