Fix Watch Dogs Legion Stutter, FPS Drops, Optimize Graphics

 In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix stuttering, low fps and optimize your graphic settings for Watch Dogs Legion.

First of all, make sure that you optimize your Windows properly. Open up your game mode and then set your game mode off.

Next Xbox game bar off and all those capture stuff background recording off. Recorded audio off and also remove all overlay that you’re using like discord or Nvidia overlay that you are currently using. 

If you have problem with stuttering, lags and losing FPS, then it’s because of your overlay so make sure that you remove that. Also, make sure that you have the latest versions of driver.  

For Nvidia you’ll probably gain between 5 to 7% increase in your FPS when you update your drivers.

The last thin that you need to do open up your graphic settings make sure that your hardware accelerated GPU scheduling is at on. You need the latest version of Windows – Windows 10 version 2004 and also you need the latest version from Nvidia. After that make sure to restart your PC.

Next, go inside of the game.

Watch Dogs Legion, Fix Stutter, Fix FPS Drops, Optimize Graphics


- Video Adapter: Make sure that you have your video card over there.


- Window Mode: Play fullscreen. You’ll lose FPS if you’re using borderless.   


- Resolution: Make sure that you’re playing the resolution of your monitor. Don’t up-scaling with your Nvidia driver.


- Monitor Refresh Rate: Lock it with your refresh rate on your monitor.

- V-sync: Set this off.

- FPS Limit: Set this off.

- Field of View: leave it default (70)




- DirectX: If you playing on a low-end PC, your GPU is not compatible and you are struggling with your FPS then go with Directx 11.

- Graphics Quality: Custom  

- Geometry: Go with high 

- Environment: Ultra to medium you can get 6% in your FPS so leave it at medium.

- Texture Resolution and Texture Filtering: Just look at your V-ram usage. So normally you need like 10 to 15 space so don’t go crazy don’t go at 7999 you’ll have like stuttering for sure if you’re going that. So if you have like 4GB of V-ram you’ll probably need to go at medium.

- Shadows: This is pretty much the first period you should change so for example if you have like 54 FPS and you want 60 FPS if you go Ultra to Low I am getting like 14% boost in my FPS. So test the shadow and after that you’ll probably can change other parameter.

- Headlight Shadows: If I set it off I was getting like 45 FPS. So another nice boost over there.

- Reflection: Medium 

- Depth of Field: Off 

- Motion Blur: Off

- Bloom: Off

- Ambient Occlusion: Off

- Post-Process Anti-Aliasing: Go with TAA 

- Subsurface Scattering: High

- Ray Tracing: Off 

- DLSS: Here Balance or Performance are the best solution.

- HDR: Leave it off.