How to Get Preorder Bonus Items in Watch Dogs Legion

 In this guide, we’ll show you how to get your pre-order bonus items in Watch Dogs Legion DLC.

First, you need an access to the safe house which is basically two missions in the game and once you’ve completed that eventually, you’ll have access to all of items down in the base. 

Now, go to the close door and when you there go to your Wardrobe. There, you’ll find masks, jackets, shirts, pants, boots, etc.

Preorder Bonus Items,  Watch Dogs Legion

If you’ve pre-ordered the Ultimate edition then you have access to certain characters and also you have access to operatives, you can switch / edit them under the Team menu.

Preorder Bonus Items,  Watch Dogs Legion, Operative

Lastly, if you’ve got weapon’s skins you need to go into the Team screen and edit, select the weapon and then click triangle / skin to save weapon skin. At the edit screen for the weapon you can change or buy weapons.

Weapons, Pre-order Bonus Items, Watch Dogs Legion

If your character has access to a car then you can go to the gadget and can do the changes to your car as well.