Optimize Genshin Impact for Low End Mobile Devices

In this guide, we will show you the best Genshin Impact settings to improve your performance and reduce lag on your low-end iOS mobile devices (iPhone & iPad).


First, open up the game and navigate to the game settings. Here, set the graphics quality to low or medium depending on your device’s specifications.


Make sure to set the render resolution to medium and play the game for a minute to see if it’s playable or not otherwise you’ll have to set it to low. This will in turn make the game playable but the visual quality will suffer a lot.


Set the shadow quality to low.


Visual effects and SFX quality to low as well as your overall settings.


In case your device is powerful enough to run the game at 60fps then set the FPS option to 60. Otherwise, lock your frame rate at 30.


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Most lowest devices will have to run the game at 30fps using a lowest render resolution. In case you have some performance to spare then I suggest increasing the render resolution at not the frame rate. Current iPhones run a screen refresh rate of 60 but the change is less visible on a smaller screen.


Lastly, the motion blur option should reduce your performance but I still prefer to disable it.


I hope this help you out.