Recruit New Agents in Watch Dogs Legion - Guide

At the beginning of the Watch Dogs Legion you can select one of 15 characters. Each one has a perk, such as higher damage resistance, fast downloads or shorter cool downs. Don't worry, just use the character you like best as the first Agent. After a short time you will recruit new Agents with more extensive skills, so that you are well prepared for all situations.

How do I recruit new agents in Watch Dogs Legion? 

There are basically three ways to recruit new agents:

You will automatically join DedSec as the action progresses.

You get them for liberating a neighborhood.

You met them on the street and recruited them directly.

The third option is the most exciting and important, as you can literally add anyone you want to your team that you meet on the street. Simply highlight the person you want, open your hacking menu and press R1 / RB to add the person to the recruitment menu.

If the person is well-disposed towards DedSec, you can also address them directly to start the relevant recruiting mission. As soon as you have completed this, the person is available to you as a new agent.

If the person does not have a good opinion of DedSec, you first have to activate the Deep Profiler upgrade in the technology menu. This upgrade lets you take a look at the daily routine of your recruits. This opens up several points of attack to change your mind about DedSec.

These agents give benefits to your entire team

You should recruit the following agents early in the game, as they offer benefits to your entire team:

- Construction workers - cargo drone, uniformed access (construction sites)

- Albion Guard - Uniformed Access (Albion Restricted Areas)

- Paramedics, doctor - Team discharge from hospital, uniformed access (hospitals)

- Lawyer - Team release

You will automatically recruit the construction worker and the Albion officer in the course of the story. On the other hand, you have to look out for a doctor or lawyer on your own.

Every now and then, Bagley marks promising recruits with a green icon on the map. If you are still missing certain professional groups in your team, these markings are your best starting points.

These agents are necessary for trophies

Recruit New Agents, Watch Dogs Legion, Guide, Uniformed Access  Albion Guard

If you want to collect the platinum trophy, then you should keep an eye on the following agents. You can only complete some achievements if you have the right agents with the right special skills.

- Game Designer: Necessary for the achievement You Don’t See Me!

- Living Statue: Necessary for meta-gaming achievement

- Professional Hitman: Necessary for achievement Down to the Wire

- Drone Expert: Necessary for Death From Above achievement

- Beekeeper: Necessary for achievement No Not The Bees (Bee Swam)

- Hacker: Necessary for Hack the Planet achievement 

- Spy: Necessary for achievement Shaken Not Stirred

- Football Hooligan: Necessary for Achievement Power To The People 

- Street Artist: Necessary for achievement Paint Me Like One Of Your 

- Albion Guard: Necessary to Throw The Book At Them achievement

You can select some of these agents as starting characters at the beginning of the game. This is particularly worthwhile for the Game Designer and Living Statue professions, as these are difficult to find on the street.

They are the best agents

The best agents in the game are the specialists you get for liberating each city district. These are particularly powerful versions of regular professions that have additional skills. However, some agents, such as the spy or the beekeeper, can only be unlocked by liberating the districts.

Camden: Hacker 

City of Westminster: Spy 

Nine Elms: Prof. Assassin 

Lambeth: Drone Expert 

Southwark: Anarchist 

City of London: Beekeeper 

Tower Hamlets: Escape Driver 

Islington & Hackney: Football Hooligan