The Crown Tundra Carrot Seeds Plant Locations

In this guide, we’ll show you where to plant your carrot seeds in Pokemon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra DLC.

Here, you’ve got two choices. First and foremost we got the graveyard, I guess you would call it, If you plant your seeds their you’ll be rewarded eventually with a ghost slash psychic pokemon. It is Calyrex psychic slash ghost it will come in at level 80. You’ll have to capture this for the main story. So you can’t actually kill it. You will always be able to capture it if you make faint. Basically, you get a rematch and that is what it looks like.

The Crown Tundra, Carrot Seeds, Plant Locations

On the other side we have the icy cold field where you can also plant the carrot seeds and I’m sure you could guessed yes you’ll get an ice pokemon. It will be ice and psychic Calyrex and again it will come in at level 80 and again you have to capture this pokemon, can’t be defeated it but then you just get a rematch and you have to catch it. So basically you’ve go two choices you put it in the graveyard you get yourself the ghost psychics Calyrex or you put it in the ice one and you get the ice slash psychic Calyrex.