Watch Dogs Legion: Royal Treatment, All Mansion Locations

In the side quest Royal Treatment from Watch Dogs Legion, you’ll have to find abandoned mansions in front of which demonstrations are taking place. However, you will not be marked exactly where the houses are. In this guide, will show you all three abandoned mansions locations.

"Royal Treatment" is one of the side quests that you’ll unlock after you have completed the 404 chapter in the story. For completing the mission, you will also receive one of the Trophies and Achievements from Watch Dogs Legion with “A Roof Over Your Head (Secret)”.

Find the abandoned mansions in "Royal Treatment"

As part of the side quest, you have to track down 3 abandoned mansions to find evidence that will lead to the conviction of a villain. 

The locations you are looking for are not marked on the map, which is why we describe the exact locations of the abandoned mansions below. You can always recognize them by the fact that homeless people are demonstrating in front of them.

Mansion # 1 is located in St. Andrew's Court in West Camden.

Mansion # 1, Location Guide, St. Andrew's Court, West Camden

Mansion # 2 is located in Waxbey house, near Westminster

Mansion # 2, Location Guide, Waxbey House, Westminster

Mansion # 3 is located in Strathearn House, South West of Westminster.


Mansion # 3, Location Guide, Strathearn House, South West, Westminster.

Not far from Mansion # 2 is also the Waxbey House in the City of Westminster. It stands exactly southwest of Westminster Abbey and is marked as a restricted area.

Access the ctOS network at each of the Mansions to lock the location.


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