Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Getting Started / Beginner's Tips

We have compiled some tips that could be helpful for players before starting Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

First and foremost, the skill tree and skill aligned gear. I know the skill tree is huge but there's something really important and that is the way of the Bear the way of the Raven and the aware of the way of the Wolf, each of these mentioned that they help you with a certain type of gear. Raven Aligned gear, Bare Aligned gear or Wolf Aligned gear. If you go into your gear you’ll notice that each one of them has an icon up in the top, there red being the bear so basically if you put a point into the way of the Bear in your skill tree your armor and weapons that are Bear related will be improved. Same goes for the Wolf which is the blue one and of course the Raven which is the freaking bird which is the yellow one. So feel free to test it out but that is important to know when building.

Next, explosive arrows - the Incendiary Powder Trap: this is a skill you should prioritize as soon as you get to England because it is going to make things much easier for you. The skill itself is found there on the map in grant bridge shire in the Walden area, get it and basically it removes the need for red barrels as long as you have Adrenaline you can use this arrow to break those weak walls. You've definitely seen one by now and this makes things just a lot easier when it comes to dealing with those speaking of Adrenaline and skills you get more Adrenaline through the skill tree. So if you're curious that's how you do it. It's not that deep but you're not going to see it right away and there's one in each tree you will find one in the red tree, you will find one in the yellow tree and there's also one in the blue tree but I have not done much of the blue tree but there is one there as well.

Next, we’ll show you how to disable alarms - you have to walk up to them and press triangle or interact or whatever. Now, you just have to shoot them down. This means you can do that from range or you can just wait until a guy catches you and starts running towards it and then shoot it down before he rings it which is always a good time because he kind of panics. 

Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Getting Started, Beginner's Tips

Charisma is a stat that isn't exactly explained but you get it pretty quickly as long as you do the little rap battles, the fleeting or whatever it's called. Charisma comes into play during certain conversations and basically it allows you to either avoid fighting get a higher reward or get a little bit more info without actually having to go do something else for the quest to give her. So if the opportunity for fighting arises be sure to do it so you can get more charisma and avoid doing some of the busy work. 

Raiding is kind of a big thing in Assassin's Creed Valhalla and I imagine you know how to do it from the river but if you want you can also do it from land. What I'm saying is you can get off your boat go and weaken the guards of a monastery or a sanctuary or whatever and then after that as long as they have access from the water you can start the raid by blowing your horn - hold it - hold down on the d-pad now it doesn't have to be just a monastery you could be an enemy camp it doesn't matter as long as it's a hostile area and there is access for your boat. You can call your guys in to come help you docks are very important in Assassin's Creed Valhalla and probably not for reasons you're thinking but they act as a lot of the fast travel points in the game. There are obviously in main cities. There are still the towers but not every city has a fast travel point. Most cities have a dock alone there is one traditional fast travel point and four docks. So go find the docks because you can fast travel to them and it's gonna save you a lot of time once Rita arrives in your village, your homestead speak with him and you will see that you can use your Opals to buy exotic equipment. So he’ll have two new everyday, and then a third quest every three days. Highly recommend doing those because each of those will give you opals, you get five per daily and then the three day one will give you 20. So if you stick to it you will be able to buy some of the superior gear from him eventually.

Another important thing to watch out for is the thatch windows inside hamlets. They're also glass windows but these ones as I said basically just look like they are thatch and they are breakable. You can hit them with your axe if you get up there but mostly you will be breaking them with your bow. They can be a little tricky to get inside for some reason but it works. You can climb through them sometimes it's perfect other time you gotta see right there. It was perfect but sometimes you gotta fiddle with it a bit and you can break stained glass windows as well.

For the last tip there is an advanced assassination skill that will allow you to kill higher level targets in one shot assuming you successfully get the mini-game done. If you fail naturally the enemy will just attack you and you won't kill them in one shot. The skill itself is in the yellow tree. It's not that far down there you'll be able to get to it pretty quickly. However, there is also an option in the actual options that will allow you to basically just kill everybody in one shot with an assassination. This kind of harkens back to the old Assassin's Creed. They say it's not the way they want you to play but you're the one playing it not them. So if you want to turn it on go for it.