Best Early Game Weapon in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Here is a quick guide on an early game weapon that I highly recommend you pick up in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

The Sepulcher Axe - this is one of the weapons that I carried with me throughout the entire game I’ve continually upgraded it because it is just fantastic. It looks really cool but statistically speaking it is also a very good weapon. It basically ignites when you land critical hits and the nice thing about this one is that when it ignites that actually applies to both of your weapons your main hand and your second hand weapon. So you can use it to do some devastating damage when enemies are on fire.

Where to get The Sepulcher Axe? Near the beginning of the game when you're in England and you are exploring the kingdom of Mercia you'll begin a quest line with The Sons of Ragnar, this is not a spoiler it's kind of one of the things that we showed off in the early preview coverage but one of the quests you'll do during that is a quest called Tilting The Balance. This will require that you go after King Burgred and in doing so it'll give you access to a room that you otherwise could not access. If you guys look at the map you'll know that of course anytime you explore you see those golden dots and they inevitably lead to some kind of treasure sometimes it gives you a skill sometimes it's an art piece sometimes just some gold but if you go to this area and you're not on this questline you'll be able to explore most of this kind of underground church area but you won't be able to get to the final piece of gear. So what you want to be doing is doing this on the quest line because once you're on this you'll get to the point where you meet King Burgred in a little room where he's hiding out and once you finish with him before you leave the room, make sure you open the golden chest because the golden chest in there will give you the Sepulcher Axe. 

Now, you might be thinking well in a minute this is kind of an early game weapon not going to be that great. Keep in mind in this game you can take these to the blacksmith and you can upgrade them. So you can take this with you throughout the entire game as mentioned. I've currently upgraded this twice. I can upgrade it one more time and this is a weapon that I've brought with me the entire game because it is so good. It's a two-handed axe. So of course it is slower to wield keep in mind there's a skill in the tree you can unlock which gives you the ability to dual wield two-handed weapons which is how I'm

using this because the nice thing about that is that whenever you do ignite an enemy on a critical hit using this it also applies to your other weapon so my typical setup would be this in my off hand and say a single one-handed axe in my primary hand. So that way you have fastest in combos on the quick axe and you have heavier meteor weighty combos on the flaming axe plus the ability to burn your enemies.

Best Early Weapon, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, The Sepulcher Axe

Two-handed weapons are just really strong, anyways they're just a great way of dispatching pretty much anything but this is without question a weapon you want to pick up for those of you wondering exactly where it is located then this is the location on the map but again just make sure you're doing this during the quest something you'll do pretty early in the game and something I highly recommend picking up.

Hope you guys found this helpful.