Best Fortnite Settings to get 120 FPS on XBOX Series X

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Fortnite on the Xbox Series X to get 120 FPS. Unfortunately, this game right now is locked at 60 FPS. So even if you're playing 4k or 2k 1080p it's all the same right now. For sure they're going to release a patch I'm not sure if they're going to do it this year or more like early next year because most other competitive games are currently running at 120 fps on the Xbox Series X. So they need to do a move for that. In guide, we’ll show you how to optimize your game so that it will be ready for 120 FPS on the new console.

So let's go to the settings - go to TV & display options. This is the first option that you need to change.

Display – here you’ll find your current resolution that you're running on your Xbox. So if you want high refresh rate then you need to be able to play high refresh rate on your hardware. So make sure that your monitors support the 120 fps or the TV. So the first thing that you need to do choose 1080p or 2k if you're playing on the high refresh rate monitor. So that's about it and if you have the option under this one you will have a refresh rate option and you will have two different options. The first one will be 60 hertz and the second one will be 120 hertz. You need to select 120 earth to be able to have 120 FPS. So it's really important. If you don't see it and you think you should have it make sure that you have a proper cable also make sure that your monitor really supports the 120 refresh rate. if you want more detail about it you have in the setup 4k TV detail. You’ll see all the stuff that you're currently supporting or not. 

After that go to video mode and you have a lot of different options over there. 

The first thing is for sure if you have an Allow auto low-latency mode then check that one on and also the Allow variable refresh rate is at on.

Another thing called Allow YCC 4-2-2. so I'm going to explain this one very quickly. Normally, your Xbox will send a signal called 4-4-4 but if you're asking too much for example 4k 60fps HDR and you don't have the bandwidth on whatever on your cable or on your TV you can have like a backup plan because if you don't have the bandwidth normally the Xbox will send four to zero and the signal will be more compressed than the 4-2-2. So now you have a backup plan so if you can't send the 4-4-4 because you don't have the bandwidth now you can use the 4-2-2. Less compressed signal so just check that one. It will be a backup plan and if you have some issues but honestly it's more like when you play 4k and you put a lot of detail on like HDR 60fps 4k etc. and also if you're playing 4k 120fps you can maybe have the issue but normally if you're using HDMI 2.1 the max bandwidth on the Xbox is 40. So you should be fine.

Best Fortnite Settings, Get 120 FPS, XBOX Series X

After that if you're not playing 4k make sure that Allow 4K is at off.

Uncheck Allow HDR10.

Uncheck Auto HDR.

Also need to be unchecked Allow Dolby Vision.

Honestly, when you play a competitive game you don't want HDR you just want to see and shoot people. 

After that go to Video fidelity and overscan. Normally if you're playing 1080p you should just go at 8-bit but if you want like a nice image quality then I recommend to use maybe 10-bit but 12-bit can be a little bit too much for your bandwidth. So normally at 10-bit you should have a nice video.

For the Color depth I use 8-bit because right now we're not playing photographic we're playing for the performance. So that's about it.

Now let's go back and open the game and I’ll show you what to tweak inside of the game to run the game better. 

So now inside of the game just press start and then to settings, first thing that you really need to do with the Motion Blur make sure that you're not using any motion blur on. Any competitive game you're playing War Zone, The Rocket League or whatever make sure this one is at off. 

The second one is Show FPS, make sure that this one is at on. You want to look at your FPS like are they stable? Do you run the game well? etc. 

After that the Matchmaking Region, this one I recommend to you select manually your server. So choose the one with the lowest MS because you don't want to lag it.  

And the last setting that you need to change is Record Replay put this one at off because sometimes it's causing like stuttering when you're playing and after that save so that's about it guys.