Best Graphics Settings to Run Apex Legends smoothly on Old PC

In this guide, we’ll show you the best graphics / video settings to make Apex Legends Season 7 run better on an old computer.

In your video settings make sure to set the display mode to fullscreen and set the resolution to your native monitor resolution.

The Brightness option will not change your performance but I like to set it slightly above average as I feel like it helps in darker areas of the map.

The same goes for your field of view I always prefer to set this value very high as I'm using a wide curved monitor this helps with immersion and to see more at a time.

The Sprint View Shake option comes down to personal preference.

In your Advanced video settings make sure to disable V-Sync. If you experience stuttering or frame drops as this could be the reason. Make sure to test this option out in a game to see how it affects your performance.

Best Graphics Settings, Run Apex Legends, Old PC

Your Adaptive Resolution FPS Target will reduce the render resolution to maintain the specified target frame rate, setting a lower Fps target lets you trade off performance for image quality. In case you regularly experience a lag and bad performance then this setting will help you out the most but the visual quality might be drastically reduced depending on your system's specs. In case you're using an old PC then set this option to around 50 as a target FPS of 100 would only result in reduced textures.

Disabled the Adaptive Supersamplin. 

Set the Anti-aliasing option to TSAA.

Set the Texture Streaming Budget to a lower amount than your available Vram. My graphics card comes with 12 gigabytes of premium but I still like to budget available Vram for the game to around 4. You should probably set this option to 2 or 3 gigabytes.

Set your Texture Filtering option to be bilinear 

Set Ambient Occlusion quality to low as this will reduce your GPU load.

Set the Sun Shadow Coverage to low as well as the Sun Shadow Detail option.

Set the Spot Shadow Detail option to low.

Disabled the Volumetric Lighting as well as the Dynamic Spot Shadows. 

Set the Model Detail option to medium.

Set the Effects Detail to low. 

Set the Impact Marks to low and Ragdolls to medium.

This should be a pretty balanced quality to performance trade-off for low to mid-end systems.

Don't forget to apply your changes.

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