Best Settings to Play Spider Man Miles Morales on PS5

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to play Spider Man Miles Morales on PlayStation 5 (PS5).

So first of all, let's start with the console. Go to settings after that we will go to Screen and Video. 

Video Output - so the first one that you need to look at it's the resolution. For me right now I'm lock at 1080p because I'm using a capture card and my capture card is like at 1080p but normally I'm playing 4k 60 on my LG OLED C7 and I'm getting like HDR and stuff like that. So normally you want to play 4k when you're playing like a solo game because you want like nice visual but some people like to play 1080p. 

Right now that you don't see the 2k resolution and it's normal. It's not compatible on the PS5 so I'm not too sure if they're going to flash or update the firmware to make sure that you’re getting some compatibility with the 2k but right now it's not possible.

After that HDR - if your TV monitor is compatible to HDR this should be at automatic. If you want HDR in your game and normally your deep color will be at automatic. When you put the HDR at automatic if your monitor or TV support HDR and you don't see then you don't have the option in the PS5. Look at the deep color option on your input of your TV. So for example your PS5 is plugged in on the HDMI three click on it and go look at the deep color, you need to activate that. 

Another option that you can change is in the Saved Data and Game/App Settings. Click on it - go to Game Preset. So you have a new mode that's called Performance Mode or Resolution Mode. By default your PS5 will be at Game Default. So Game Default will mean that the game will choose between performance or resolution. So normally when you play again a solo game they will put by default the Resolution Mode and if you're playing some like competitive game multiplayer or something they will probably going to use the Performance Mode. The thing is that you can lock back you by yourself if you want to. So if you always want to use Performance just select Performance and pretty much the same thing with the Resolution Mode.

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So now let's open the game. 

So when you press start go to settings and you have something called Visual and in Graphics Mode you have two different options Fidelity and Performance. With fidelity everything looks nice lighting, ray tracing, graphic improvement and etc… but the thing is that you will be locked at 30 FPS. For me yes, it's looking very good but I can't play a game at 30 FPS. So in Graphic Mode I'm using Performance and I'm still getting like really nice graphics but I'm missing a bit of lighting and also I'm missing the ray tracing in the game but I'm still getting HDR 4k resolution and 60 FPS. So this is pretty much the difference between it.