Best Settings to Run Rocket League Smoothly on Old PC

In this article, we’ll show you the best settings increase overall performance and FPS when playing Rocket League on an Old PC or laptop.

First, open up the game and navigate to your Video Settings. The changes you make here can already have a big impact on your system's performance.

Set the Display Resolution to your Native Monitor Resolution.

Set the Display Mode to Full Screen I have set it to a node as it's easier to record.

Disabled V-sync as well as anti-aliasing.

Set the Render Quality option to Performance as well as the Render Detail option also make sure to cap your frame rate to a value above your screen's refresh rate but below the maximum FPS you can get. This will help save some valuable resources while playing RL.

In the Advanced Video Settings simply set your Texture Detail, World Detail And Particle Detail options to Performance.

All of the settings below should be disabled for best performance.

When you have done the above changes, leave the game running and open up your Task Manager. Right click your taskbar to open up your Task Manager. There in the Processes Tab right click Rocket League and select to go to details. In the Details Tab the RocketLeague.exe application should be highlighted. Simply right click it and set the priority to high. This will in turn allocate more resources to run the Rocket League smoothly and should increase your performance, especially if you have other programs running in the background.

In order to reduce the CPU utilization from other programs, I suggest you to end some programs from running in the background, which you don't need while playing the game but make sure to only add programs from running which you know won't break your operating system. In the startup tab you can additionally prevent programs from starting up on system boot. 

You can now close the game and exit out of your Task Manager.

When this is done search for game bar to open up the Game Bar System Settings Window

There uncheck the Recording option and in the Captures tab make sure to additionally disabled the Background Recording option. These settings will only reduce your performance.

If you want to record your gameplay, then I suggest using OBS Studio or an external capture card if you like performance.

Next, make sure that your graphics driver is up to date. I suggest using the GeForce Experience application, if you're using an NVIDIA GPU but you can also use the Amd Driver Suit depending on how frequently updating your GPU.

Best Settings, Run Rocket League, Old PC

In the drivers tab simply click on download and the application will automatically download and install the latest drivers. When this is done search for updates. To open up your check for updates system settings window, click on Check for Updates and after downloading the latest OS Updates make sure to restart your PC.

Next right click your desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel. You can do the same step with the AMD Driver Suit. There navigate to Manage 3D Settings and then program settings. Select to add a program to customize and then add Rocket League from the program list.

Then make sure that the CUDA setting is set to your main GPU.

Set the power management mode to prefer maximum performance and set the texture filtering quality to performance.

When this is done search for Graphic Settings and open up your Graphic System Settings on the pop-up window select browse and your file explorer will open up. From there go to the drive on which you save the game, on Program Files - Rockets League – Binaries - Win64 and here make sure to select the RocketLeague application and then add it to the program list.

Once it's added you can change the options of the application so that your graphics preference is set to high performance.

Don't forget to apply your changes.