Black Ops Cold War: Bullet Velocity, Weapon Accuracy Issues

In this article, I want to share with you the most important weapon stat that you want to be paying attention to when building your class setups in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and this is Bullet Velocity.

Since launch, many players have been complaining about hit detection issues where they're shooting right at a target and none of the shots are registering and in most of these cases I don't believe it's actually a connection issue not that there aren't any connection issues but I strongly feel most of the time this is actually directly related to the Bullet Velocity of your gun not your connection and I've noticed this a lot while playing as well. If I'm using a gun with a super low bullet velocity, like the Milano 821 for instance and if I'm not using any attachments that boosts my Bullet Velocity, it feels terrible it feels like I'm on a bad connection even when I'm not. When I switch to a different gun or I switch Attachments suddenly everything improves. 

Let's look at the Milano, it one of the guns with the lowest bullet velocity in the game at just 225 meters per second and when I shoot at an enemy at about 50 meters and it takes from the moment I fire the gun to the moment it actually registers a hit it's quite a long time that's a big delay between firing and getting a hit marker back. Also there is a bit of bullet drop there as well and it's noticeable bullet drop. If I want to hit an enemy in the head for instance, I have to aim a little bit above his head and like I said this is only at 50 meters you could realistically be challenging people beyond 50 meters and therefore it's only going to get worse than this.

Black Ops, Cold War, Bullet Velocity, Weapon Accuracy Issues

Now, if you use the same gun with an attachment that boosts the bullet velocity by 100. So it doubles your bullet velocity and you can notice that the shot is registering much faster and on top of this at this range at least you don't have to aim above their head in order to hit them in the head you can just aim directly at it and this is going to directly affect your impression of the hit detection in game. 

The lower the bullet velocity is the worse your connection is going to feel even if it isn't actually worse and I do find this to be a little bit frustrating the way they decided to balance this and the reason they're going with such low bullet velocities, which are significantly slower than in real life. I think they're trying to balance out the SMGs without adding too much recoil to them. So they want the SMGs to have super low bullet velocities. So they're just not effective at longer ranges or not very effective like they were in the beta but I disagree with this I don't think that's the right way to go because it's going to lead people to think that the hit detection is worse than it and it's going to make people feel like they're playing on a bad connection, which isn't a good thing instead I think they would have been much better off either adding more recoil to the SMGs to make sure they're not as effective at longer ranges or simply add another damage drop off. So it takes an extra shot to kill at the really long ranges. So they'll be less effective against assault rifles. In my opinion both of those would have been far better solutions to handling SMGs and balancing them properly with assault rifles, because as it is right now it really does feel terrible if you are using a gun that has a really low bullet velocity but that is just my opinion.