Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Best Class, Perk, Combat Guide

In Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Mode, you have the choice of taking a predefined class or creating your own one. The preset classes are a great way to dabble in combat upgrades and get a feel for which ones can be really useful during full waves. With the option to create a class, it is possible to create a good number of combinations, so in this guide, we’ll show you a class that can make the difference in Die Mashine.

Class configuration

Primary weapon: AK-47

After a study of weapons, it is undeniable that the AK-47 is one of the best weapons in CoD Black Ops Cold War Zombie Mode. It is accessible at the start of the game and can do good damage to zombies, but above all has a more than average point contribution. It is also a weapon that is very easy to handle, therefore it is the first choice for the main weapon.

Rings of Fire - Unlock at level 30

If you're not sure what to opt for, tell yourself that the Ring of Fire is the best combat upgrade right now. It wreaks havoc on a platoon of enemies by increasing the damage inflicted by you and your allies. On the video above, we can see that the upgrade inflicts good damage on zombies and can be an excellent way to clean an area, or even get out of a dead end with much less problems. It goes without saying that it will be necessary to prioritize the upgrade of the ring of fire to increase its skills:

Black Ops, Cold War, Zombies, Best Class, Perk, Combat Guide

First Upgrade - Fire deals twice as much damage.

Second Upgrade - The ring blocks enemy projectiles.

Third Upgrade - While in the ring, you use ammo from your reserve, not your weapon.

Priority asset (Perk):  Juggernog

This perk is a bit of a staple in your zombie routine. It also helps to counterbalance the combat upgrade which is purely aggressive and not supportive.

Napalm Burst: This is another way to clean up a wave of zombies that are starting to turn aggressive.