Cyberpunk 2077: Which Version to Buy for New Consoles, PC

In this guide, we compiled handy guide for the various different versions of the Cyberpunk 2077 game and what you'll be getting on December the 10th. Of course, depending on where you intend to play it whether it be last generation systems or current generation systems then the experience you get will be ever so slightly different with of course a bigger robust patch coming later. On top of that we also got a list of PC specs for you guys intending to play on PC.

So Let's begin with the console version, if you guys saw the video last week you'll know that we got 10 minutes of console gameplay running on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. The game still looks fantastic. This is something we've been wanting to see for quite some time because of course up until this point they've always shown shiny PC visuals. The fact that we got to see it running on console both last generation systems and current or new generation systems was incredibly exciting and the game looks fantastic. However, it is important to clarify and I want to make sure people know exactly what they'll be experiencing next month.  It's worth noting that if you play the game on the new consoles namely PS5 and Xbox Series X it will run and look better than if you play it on Xbox One X or PS4. However, it is important to note that it will not be the full next generation version next year 2021. No date currently but there will be an update coming to the console versions that will add in the shiny bells and whistles. This basically means that the ability to run the game in RTX with all those kind of fancy lights and reflections  will be coming later on. So what you are effectively playing on the new consoles is the last generation version. Admittedly again running and still looking better, you can see this when you look at the Xbox gameplay. You can see a notable difference between the Xbox One X version and the Xbox Series X version. So you are still going to have a fantastic experience. I’m probably going to be playing on PC but that being said I do still kind of want to play it on console as well. Just because whenever a new console comes out even if you have a powerful PC I just like playing games on the new generation systems. For those of you guys intending to play on console keep in mind that the game is also available via backwards compatibility. 

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So if you buy the last generation versions Xbox One X and PS4 you will of course have the free update and just free transfer to the new generation systems so no need to double buy it, which is nice thanks CD Projekt Red for that that's awesome but more importantly if you're playing on last generation hardware of course the game will still run you'll still look great but if you're playing on the newer systems you will be getting a better looking version and a better running version but it won't be the full next generation version. For that you will have to wait until next year it's also worth noting for those of you guys wanting to see it running on PlayStation hardware CD Projekt Red have said they intend to show a PlayStation gameplay video at some point. There's no current date for it.

However, Microsoft do seem to be the one leading the console marketing push for Cyberpunk so it may well be they have some kind of deal whereby they don't show on

PlayStation till launch. 

It is also worth noting that even if you're playing on PC the experience will vary depending on your system. Now, I don't just mean on a specs point of view because that's kind of obvious what I do mean is for those of you wanting to play with RTX and DLSS and all the fancy shiny lighting it'll be available for some of you at launch but not for everybody. What I mean by that is that at launch provided you're running a PC build with an Nvidia RTX graphics card then you will of course be able to play the game with RTX and the DLSS supports. However, for those of you with AMD based systems you will have to wait a little bit longer and that's also partly why the consoles have to wait longer as well because the consoles the next generation systems are built on AMD architecture. 

So with that being said Nvidia, of course you know they've got the marketing deal for Cyberpunk they're the ones that are pushing it. So if you're playing on those systems you will of course have those available to you provided your system is powerful enough to run it but if you are on an AMD based system you will have to wait a little bit longer.

So again no details on exactly when that patch will happen but for those of you wondering you know how you can get the best experience then turn your attention to the specs you see on screen. I'm not going to rattle through all of them but the most noteworthy thing is of course if you look over on the right in the green they are the RTX specs. You of course have the minimum specs, high specs and ultra specs. So of course if you want to get like Ray Tracing on minimum then you're at least going to want an RTX 2060 16 GB of ram an Intel core i7 and probably be running it on medium specs 1080.

Meanwhile, if you're trying to sort of target that like sweet spot that 1440p you're going to be looking at the new 30 series cars the RTX 3070 again 16 GB of RAM and i7 and you can run that on ultra and if you want to go all the way to like 4k then you're going to be looking at like RTX 3080 and some pretty beefy setups. 

However, of course you know you can still look at the nice high specs and ultra specs if you want to just run it without RTX without all that kind of fancy reflections and stuff. You've got a lot of options but either way that is effectively what you need to know about the different versions of the game. of course, keep in mind Cyberpunk is coming to Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 Stadia and PC. So you can play it pretty much anywhere apart from Nintendo Switch, maybe one day.

However, more importantly that is what you need to know about the different versions if you're planning on playing it on console.